Sunday, September 17

#1122 Wonford - Happy Snapper - 17 September 2023

I think today's trail will stick in the minds of those that were there for two reasons. Firstly the rain, and secondly the chillis!
There was a second hand baby sale on at the sports centre (is that legal?!), so we parked behind the surgery instead. No rush to leave the cars due to the wet stuff.
We had our deputy GM introduce the circle again, as we huddled round him, because he's been struck by lightning before (apparently while in the shower). Wouldn't happen again though, world it? Then followed a pseudo-science discussion about whether we'd have less chance of being struck of we were running...
Meanwhile Brillo, who'd said that he would be coming, texted to say he wouldn't, as he'd got lost.

The trail was laid in flour and chilli... I'm not sure I worked out the reason why, but probably to stop the doggers eating them.
Actually the chillis were useful as much of the flour had been washed away.

The trail started off heading towards Topsham Road, then back along the stream and up across Ludwell Valley ParkThere was a long short split as we approached Pynes Hill, and then the sweetie stop, where it actually wasn't raining!
Then heading down Ludwell Lane, and up into the Valley Park again, onto Woodwater Lane and back home.
It was still raining!! And Spocky put the awning out.
Don't forget to rate the hash... especially as Happy Snapper had laid in the rain!!  Next week we're in Newton Abbot, as long as Brillo doesn't get lost!!

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