Sunday, September 24

#1123 Newton Abbot - Brillo - 24th September 2023

Brillo's trail this week, which he laid the night before. Fortunately, neither last night nor this morning, had he'd got lost... and ended up in the Spoons, like last week.
He had his trademark Fosters in hand when we arrived, but he admitted that he still had to lay the last bit of the trail and buy the sweets. 
As it turned out, we didn't have worried, as the last bit of the trail was about 1/4 mile, and we were in the middle of Newton Abbot!
The first part of the trail (and I mean the vast majority of it) was around the houses and parks of the town.  We did a loop via town quay to start off with, before struggling to find the trail around Courtney park. We did eventually find it... and went all the way round the edge. Then to Forde Park, where there was a rumour that two of our ladies had a cup of tea. Can't be true as there are no ladies on the hash.

Then we found an M/S split... we took the the for a slightly longer trail than the "S's" just skimming the edge of Decoy Park. I'm not sure why it was an M and not a L, especially when an M is so easily confused with a W!

With the sweetie stop in mind, we r#n along Church Road, across Torquay Road, towards the town centre, where we found Brillo, still with a can of Fosters, sat on the bench opposite the war memorial. Apparently he'd already been asked to share his 4 pack with a local man!! 

Having done about 3 miles in 40 minutes, we were knackered! And there was no sign of the rest of the pack. Wide went back to find then and eventually they appeared from all directions!  Then Tight decided to ride the c**k that Wide had drawn. Sadly I didn't capture that on camera!  It was then literally 2 minutes to the car park.

Thanks Brillo for a great trail around Newton Abbot

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