Sunday, November 26

#1132 Twisted Oak - Stix and Bollards - 26 November 2023

Bollards and I laid today's trail, and we entertained Oxford H3 on their weekend in Devon. We arrived back from laying to find most of their pack, including GM Dipstick,  already in the car park, and we're soon offered danish pastries, beer and ferrero rochers! 
Wide introduced the pack abs welcomed our visitors, and handed over to me and Bollards to confuse everyone with our chalk talk. In particularly with the titty stops, which were - as it turns out - very confusing to all those little hasher-minds!

It was a trail of fish hooks, but before we got to the first one, the longs set off on a loop in the opposite direction to the shorts. The shorts went along Doctor's Lane, and under the A30. The longs had caught to by now, with the trail heading right, up what I now know to be called Scratch Face Lane!!! There were certainly some brambles across they path! And lots of fish hooks!

It's a really long haul up that track, but there was relief as we turned left at the top, back down again. Eventually we found one of those really confusing titty stops with the longs and shorts heading into the community meadows, and then the sweetie stop... a new experience for our Oxford friends!

From there, it was straight back home for the walkers, but the rest of the pack had a loop that took them half a mile along the lane, before a length of the trail along the old railway cutting, still decorated with Halloween decorations.

Down a steep slope and back under the railway line, and we had returned to where we were 20 mins earlier. By this point I had cut short to add in an extra fish hook, and a long-short loop. 

Then back through the village, over the A30 and on home, with beer and pastries, and down downs.

Next week's trail is laid by Hotlips and Zoot from Starcross Car Park (on A379).

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