Sunday, June 2

#1158 Double Locks - Stix - 2 June 2024

Today's trail was 3 and on, mostly because I laid it on the bike! It was also a bit long for the same reason (Spocky clocked up more than 7 and a half miles!, with the shorts doing 4). But it was flat and sunny! I'd agreed with Happy Snapper that I'd not cross the river, so that her tail from Wonford next week was not affected. So we followed the river up to the swing bridge, and then further past the sewage farm, before taking the lane back towards Exminster. Virtually zero chance of long-shorts and any decent checking up to now but the shorts were less than 10 mins behind by the time we got to the sweetie stop on the track that runs parallel to the bypass up to Matford. Although Spocky and Wilf had done a hilly long up and back down the fields to get them there. Then back through Marsh Barton car dealerships, with a couple of titty checks to add the miles, then along the footpath on the other side of the bypass through the marshes until back at the swing bridge. Then on home along the canal, with a beer or two in the pub to finish. And joined by Brillo (just for the pub!)

On on to next week when we're at Wonford Sports Centre for a trail laid by Happy Snapper.