Sunday, June 9

#1159 Wonford Sports Centre - Happy Snapper - 9 June 2024

Our hare was lying on the grass when we arrived, relaxing having just laid a trail in the sun. Humpty had joined her, but he doesn't do early mornings, so didn't help with the lay. Spocky had to go and inspect the toilets in the sports centre, and apparently there was a very rusty radiator next to hand dryer, so they didn't score very highly.

Without the GM or his vice, Happy Snapper and Tampa brought the circle together. It was going to be 2 and on, and not too long. A sweetie stop and a few long-shorts. Woodpecker (approaching his 90th birthday) thought he might not get all the way round, but he did!! 

The trail took us on to Ludwell Valley Park, but with an early long-short up on to the road, before rejoining the shorts on the approach to Topsham Road. But then we turned around and headed along Northbrook stream and then taking a right across the footbridge and on to the rolling hills of the park.  As we headed upwards, there was a fish hook that slowed us down, then another long-short, which sneakily took up around the edge of the field, and then straight back to the middle.

Then the sweetie stop, with mango strips and chocolate raisins, before a slow start to the next part of the trail. I needed a wee, and warned an approaching Bollards that I was in the bushes. She didn't expect to find Spocky doing the same a few yards further up, "todaloo"!!

Then down the steep hill that takes us back into the valley basin, and on home, after 4 and a bit miles. 

We sat on the grass with beers and crisps for a while, before looking forward to next week at Exeter Cricket Club on Prince of Wales Road. Bollards and I will be enjoying🍺 🌞 🏖️ so will be thinking of you! 

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