All About Us

We run on a Sunday morning at 11am, usually within 15 miles of Exeter. We are a non competitive running/jogging/walking club that welcomes all abilities, dogs and families, and we place a great emphasis on keeping the pack together well.  No need to sign up, or let us know in advance - just arrive at the venue (see hash diary) - but please contact us if you have any questions!  To see where we've hashed, see our maps of venues here, or read our weekly words.


The UK Hash House Harriers website has a few pages that give an excellent introduction to hashing, including pages on What is hashing, the history of hashing, and some hash hints for newcomers ("virgins").  But more important that anything else, and to quote from that site, "please bear in mind that hashing is supposed to be fun and don't ever take it seriously"

City of Exeter Hash House Harriers

We are broadly similar to any other hash chapter in Devon, but because we are a "family-hash", it is worth highlighting a few points for first-timers ("virgins") and potential hares.
  1. Just because we are a family pack, don't expect a super-short trail.  But there should always be a walkers option of no more than 2.5 miles.  Longs can be as far as 6 miles, but for obvious reasons, super-extreme trails are avoided (e.g. deep river crossings!).  Most of the hash-horrors (children) can r*n faster and further than many of the hashers, but its the toddlers, pregnant, centenarians and drunk that prefer something shorter.  Hares are asked to ensure that the walkers/shorts can walk to the regroup within 20-25 mins. There are a few guides for those laying trails ("hares") on the web, including A Guide for Hares, and Hare Ye Well. For City of Exeter H3, a trail like this will often work nicely.  
  2. Since its Sunday lunchtime, going to a pub after the trail is difficult. (Who wants a sweaty and muddy bunch of hashers disturbing their diners?)  So most weeks we have beers and snacks immediately after the trail in the car park instead.  Sometimes we will return to the hare's house for lunch or a BBQ.  However, pubs are not banished!  Once every quarter, we have our Sunday-lunch trail where we book a table in advance.  And hares are also encouraged to choose a on-down where one is close by and suitable (the big carvery / eateries are best avoided!).  
  3. We don't normally have down-downs after the trail (not always child/driving/Sunday afternoon friendly!).  But we do have a circle, commanded by our "Sheriff", who dishes out 20p fines.  But don't worry, hash naming ceremonies and other special events will see the beer come out.
Of course, the best way of finding out about us, is to join us one Sunday morning.  However the video below gives you some idea about what to expect on the trail!  This was a trail from Haldon Chalets on 27th December 2015 hared by 3D, and filmed by Spocky Bitz.  It was on quite a long straight part of the route, with lots of "fish hooks" to keep everyone together.

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