Little Haldon, near Teignmouth - The D family - 15th June 2014

A warm morning for a lovely hash in the woods, laid by the D-family.  Lots of faces that we hadn't see for a while, such as Mouldy Dick and Wick Dipper, No 2 and Larks Vomit.  Plus hash virgins Debbie, Kevin, ... can't remember the other names.  After the on time arrival of Woodpecker (who had to reverse back along the main road because he missed the turning), we had the chalk talk (where Spocky's op on his gentleman's furniture was discussed) and off we set - nearly on time.  As a result, we missed Coffin (who had been at church hearing her banns being read), and our set of has virgins.
The trail was an excellent lay of quickly marked checks and lots of fish-hooks.  The pack kept together well as we looped around, up and down, through woods, in what was probably virgin ground for City of Exeter.  Back in almost exactly an hour, after enjoying a superb selection of sweets at the sweetie stop.  Lots of fines this week too, including the "The Old Hag", renamed accidentally by Speedy.  One of our virigns was awrded a down down and named "Crocs" for wearing the "fashionable" item of shoe throughout the trail.
Lots of photos below, thanks to Larks.
On On to next week at the school in Brampford Speke, before our quarterly Sunday lunch at the nearby "The Stables"


Crocs get named
Spocky (minus his manhood)

The D family and the Old HAG

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