University of Exeter - Groucho (and Twin Peaks) - 18th January 2015

We were first to arrive at the Hatherly Labs, and having had a few too many cocktails the night before, I had a craving for a bacon sandwich.  So we walked up to the Forum (or Wessex Crown Court, if you're watching Broadchurch) to get one from Costa.  The barista took a liking to Rocky and gave him a free marshmallow, but only if he smiled... she told him he must always smile at the girls!
Not the biggest pack in recent weeks, and even one of the hares (Twin Peaks) didn't turn up (she has the flu - get well soon) but the quality was there.  Unbelievably, Woodpecker arrived on time, and we had two virgins from the University, Flic and Alistair.

We set off back up towards the Forum, then winding our way around Reed Hall.  On the steps, X-bitz was stood in a pile of the white stuff.  It certainly looked like snow but someone had to find out for sure.  You would have thought the fact that it didn't melt was a clue, but it certainly TASTED like salt (... can't believe I didn't get a fine for that!).
Then we found ourselves at my place of work, and so offered Groucho a regroup at the highest place in Exeter - the 7th floor of the Physics Tower.  The longs went up the stairs, the shorts in the lift.  Fines were later dealt out to the shorts for using this "technology" to get to the top floor.
Then a trip around the sports park, along the old (and muddy) track behind the pitches to the sweetie stop looking down into the Duryard Valley.
The second half of the trail took us down to the duck ponds and around the Lemon Grove, before heading behind the Squash Club and across the muddy valley.  Virgin hasher "Flic" did an amazing fall while standing still, landing flat on her front!
Back at the car park we had the usual refreshments, and Speedy fined most of the pack - including the fallers!
Don't forget to Rate the Hash!
On On to Four Firs, Woodbury Common next week.
In the Physics Building (photo from Hole in 1)

At the Sweetie Stop (photo from Hole in 1)


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