14th September - Stantyway Farm, Otterton - Chad

Well Tail Lamp and Groucho arrived first at around 10.40 and noticed the hare travelling by on four occasions, was he lost? Was he just confused? Or was he laying the trail? He pretended not to notice us for he did not attempt a sideways glance as he sped here there and.............. .
The weather was great today no wind or rain just sunshine. Due to this extra warmth many of the gathered throng, some 19 in number, just lurking around at each check whilst the usual human dynamos did the checking. Even the Sheriff milked the situation claiming he was limp, what can one say?!!!
The trail was well laid, lots of checks, we had water hazards, Groucho kept his distance this time making sure that Tampa was at the very least an arms length away.
The River Otter was quite refreshing today, talking of which the hare produced a cool bag full of iced lollies at the sweet stop.The hare has certainly raised the bar as far as sweet stops are concerned. All in all a good hash, well done Mr Hare.



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