26th October - Fruity Bitz - East Budleigh

It was another great turnout , for Fruitys' birthday hash, with over 20 hashers meeting on a soggy Sunday. We set off and quickly split up on a long/short split, which Tuned In didn't realise and accidentally did the long, it must be the blonde hair! We weren't too successful in our checking out and spent ages at the next check trying to find our way! After running for about 20 minutes, we met back up with the shorts, hoping for the sweetie stop, unfortunately not though.
From there we set off through the farm and traipsed through a lot of poo! It was there we came face to face with the culprit, a slightly bemused cow! She was so scared of us, she did a big poo right there in front of us! With a little push from Tuned In and some herding by Fruity, she went back through the gate into her field.
On On up a big hill to another regroup in a very scenic spot, hoping for the sweetie stop again...still no! On through a part of what turned out to be Woodbury Common, that I'm sure most of us have never been before, ending up in a very narrow path with plenty of shiggy. The first lot everyone negotiated quite well, the second, not so well! One poor hasher, named Blow Job by a bash she used to go to, got totally stuck! Spocky Bitz being the gentleman he is(!!!) attempted to give her a hand but just pulled her over so she got even more dirty. He got his comeuppance though as he was then firmly stuck and it was very entertaining watching him trying to get out. Most people would say it served him right for splashing everyone when he had to go back through it because of a fish hook.
On a little further and, yippee, the sweetie stop. Some very yummy lollies if I do say so. After mum telling us not to run with lollies, we set off back towards home. Back through the lane of poo, minus the cow, then OH to the car park. Most of us stopped in the brook and washed off our legs and shoes.
Including Bag Lady who picked the worst day EVER to wear brand new trainers! The fines were duly handed out including one for Tampa who was the only person who forgot to put his clock back! On On to next weeks joint hash with Bridgwater at Trenchford Resevoir.


  1. Hadn't realised our Sherriff was such a gent - I was fully expecting to be drinking out of my shiggy-filled new shoes!



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