16th November - Emerald + Geronimo - Four Firs

Spectacular turn out for the hash today with well over 20 people as well as lots of dogs and children. Emerald and Geronimo reappeared just on time to provide hash instructions. We were told it was one and on, fish hooks were 5 if no number could be seen. Yes, these were our clear instructions, though it transpired we had a fair amount of deaf hashers in our midst!!
On On we went out of the car park and quickly to the first check. Tuned In got lucky, (not like that!!!), and for the next 3 checks was way out in front. Well with Radiohead AWOL she had to do her bit! It's ok though, it didn't last! It was then Odd Bitz' turn to shout On On at the top of his lungs only for no-one to hear him. We then encountered our first shiggy, down a narrow path that was VERY boggy. Luckily, the path emerged at the marines 'dunking pools' so we were able to wash our shoes there. On up to another check where Tuned In spotted Spocky with Itsy and cunningly thought 'aha, I bet it's this way', only to find the first fish hook of the day!
On then to our first regroup, when all had arrived Emerald instructed us to check it out, so as we scattered Odd Bitz bellowed at us all, 'it's a hash halt here', another demonstration of a deaf hasher! From here on the trail took an interesting twist, a distinct lack of flour! None and on as Geronimo said. We did manage to keep the trail yet Odd Bitz declined to do the fish hook saying he couldn't read how many it was for......what were the hash instuctions?! Naughty sheriff!
On to another regroup and finally on to the sweetie stop, almost missed because the only flour to be seen looked like a long/short split. Here we had fruit pastilles and some dubious maltesers! I'm not entirely sure where ROGERRRR had been storing these on the way round, I think it's safe to say they'd got a little warm!
Off we set on the long/short split which proved very interesting due to the none and on rule that had been applied by the hares. However, with a little guidance and calling from Emerald we made it back round to meet up with the shorts on the big hill! After one back check we found our way to the On Home.
In the hash circle we handed out plenty of fines, not least to the sheriff for his hearing disability and other cheating misdemeanors! We then had a naming ceremony for Up Yours' husband, who slipped over because he was wearing shoes that looked almost polished on the soles. He was names Slipshod. However, a few rebel hashers, due to the deafness issue prevailent today and a bit of verbal dyslexia (have I spelt that right?) thought it was shit slot! I know which I thought was funnier!
On On to Warren CP next week


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