4th January - Four Firs, Woodbury Common - Tampa

Todays hash was a record turnout with 32 hashers arriving! The whole hash set off with the front runners calling on on only to be called back by the hare as apparently they had found a later part of the trail! On finding the correct trail we let the front runners check it out and headed off up the track. Only to have a lot of lingering at the next check where we had a bit of trouble finding the trail, it wouldn't be the first time today! We seemed to be going round in circles! Further down this track was the first of many fish hooks of the day. This was where the Tuned In got fined for innocently stopping to take photographs, thus avoiding the fish hook.
From here the trail went round in what felt like more circles. On On we were called, with Radiohead coming back from yet another fish hook, but he didn't run up past us again, he was lingering??? Now why would that be? Back check was soon called and we picked up the trail down the steep path. 3 fish hooks later we all arrived at the top of the quarry to find the hare telling us to go one way, but a hasher calling on on in the other direction....what was going on? Who knew? Another 2-3 fish hooks later when almost everyone had arrived atop the hill the other side of the quarry, backcheck was called again and we were on on where the hasher had been calling before! At the bottom of the hill we arrived at the sweetie stop. Haribo and Jelly Babies, perfect!
On was called up the huge hill with a few cynics lurking at the back of the pack and sure enough, another back check at the top of the hill. Through the boggy grasses and out onto the path again sent the FRB's uphill to yet more fish hooks and yet another back check. At the next hash halt we elected a 'childrens check' so we duly sent them off checking. Up Yours was heard to reply to her childrens calls of 'we haven't found anything', 'well keep going then!' Rules with a rod of iron that one!! One other poor young hasher was assured by Radiohead where the trail was only to have sent him entirely the wrong direction! Children of the hash, if you need the number for ChildLine it is: 0800 1111.
From here we made our way uphill again and crossed the road to the model airfield car park with a nice long stretch of running, to which Tail Lamp enthusiatically said, 'I could do with a good gallop'! Did he mistake himself for a horse one wonders???
We arrived at the On Home and crossed back over the road into the car park.
The pink handbag was going to be awarded to the hare for excessive use of fish hooks/back checks but as he'd already been fined for this, Howling Wilf awarded it to Up Yours for complaining that the bag ought to be carried and not attached to a belt!
Fines were given out to start off our drink fund for this years Christmas hash. Tuned In for bad language, even though all she said was bugger and to all that know her will understand that this was merely a customary greeting! Also for fish hook avoidance. Also fined were Twin Peaks, Up Yours, Howling Wilf and Tampa. The lesser spotted Woodpecker was given a down down as he was awarded the 'Whadda Hash' trophy and was duly heckled all through his speech.
A reminder to all who haven't paid subs, it's £20 per person or £30 per family.
On On to Upton Pyne next week.


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