1st March - Mamhead CP, Haldon - Groucho

A fine spring morning up on Haldon Hill where the hashers all gathered, not so many this week, only about 17, I think word had got out about what a shambles the hash would start off as. Off to a great start the hare told us which way to go, only for us to come across a back check straight away. He then had to guide us in the right direction again which led us straight back through the car park. Tut tut Groucho, did you not realise the fine for leading the hash within view of the car park is to buy a crate of beer???
On On we went, past the car park only to get ourselves all confused again at the next check, Hyde was in the distance but with no calling, Spocky and Chad had disappeared into the undergrowth (make of that what you will????) with the hare stood at the check. The hare suddenly decides to shout 'on back Chad' unfortunately he was actually shouting to Stat Nav. Chad appears from the undergrowth only for us to tell him Groucho wasn't actually shouting to him......confused??? We were! So we all followd where Chad and Spocky had headed off as the hare had called the others back, only to hear him bellowing in the distance. We never did quite manage to figure out what he was shouting, only that we thought he was doing his best Woodpecker impression! Either that or a bear caught in a trap. Eventually with a bit more hare direction we crossed the road and ran up past the car park.......again.....2 crates of beer then Groucho??!!
Onto a check we came which quickly got called onto another check. But Groucho trying his best to confuse us today said on to check here, meaning the first one, had he forgotton that he'd laid the 2nd one so close? There was a lot of loitering going on at this point, for those that didn't realise there was a lot of name discussions being held. The loitering meant that Tampa, Bell Toll and Tail Lamp had to run back quite a distance on their fish hook.
A lot more tramping through the forest led us on to the obelisk and then on to the long short split before arriving at the sweetie stop at the very picturesque spot overlooking the valley. Here we had a hash photo and fruit pastilles and liquorice allsorts.
In predictable fashion on on was called down the ridiculously steep hill which almost wiped out a few hashers, Bell Toll didn't look very stable and Tail Lamp almost flew down the last bit, Bag Lady ever gracefully slid down on her arse!
Around the corner a cheeky little Marshal Farts was sat in the tree flicking bits of twig at passing hashers. We then came upon another back check which led us back up the ridiculously steep hill. However at the bottom of the hill hidden in the undergrowth sat a little Buddha which Chad pointed out 'I can't believe it's not Buddha' Oh dear!!!!
On up and up we went with Chesty taking Tuned In on a little detour before the regroup through a mass of brambles, nice. Poor little JC followed and was last seen up to his neck in them!
On to another long short split which then led us quite quickly on the trail back to the car park (for the 3rd time).
We had naming ceremonies today for Finn - Marshal Farts, Beth - Jekyll, Nigel - Hyde. The pink handbag was awarded to Tail Lamp for AGAIN asking 'how many' when someone said it was a back check. There were fines for most people including Groucho owing the hash 2 crates of beer for his misdemeanor. Odd Bitz even fined himself for throwing a stick for Suicide and then fetching it himself!
On On to Warren Cp next week and good luck to all those taking part in The Grizzly / Cub run.


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