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Next weeks words......

I am away again next Sunday so would like a volunteer again for guest scribe please. Slightly more enthusiasm than last time would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Horny Woman did a grand job so if no-one else volunteers I may need to call on her again! Once again, email me if you'd like to do it, Thanks, Tuned In

21st June - Squabmoor Reservoir - Chesty + Stat Nav

What started out looking like being a small hash eventually turned into more than 20 hashers and 8 dogs raring to go! With Twin Peaks playing Hash Cash we were soon all ready for the hares speech. Woodpecker said a few words about his hash next week but also informed us that Mother Woodpecker has sadly passed away.......aged 99!!!! Looks like we'll have Mr Woodpecker around for a good long time yet then! RIP Mother Woodpecker. Usual instructions from the hares, fish hooks, long short splits and of course, a sweetie stop. Onto check over the road where there was a lot of loitering going on, eventually the trail was called on on by Cathusalem followed closely by Tuned In. The trail led down along the edge of a bog which most of the dogs dove into immediately, then proceeded to shake stinky mud on the passing hashers! On through some lovely forest tracks to Bystock Pools,the nature reserve, where the peace and tranquility was shattered by the dogs having a wash in the water. Once ever

14th June - Wheathill Plantation CP, Woodbury - Joint hash with Taunton

It was another glorious sunny Sunday on woodbury common, for a joint hash between Exeter and Taunton, about 20 of us from Exeter arrived, various excuses were heard for absences from the lame family BBQ, to the partly believable swine flu! Chip Shop arrived rather huffy and puffy in lycra ..... under the guise of cycle training (we would all respect him more if he just admitted..... he just likes wearing lycra!!). Mr Hyde arrived with another hoard of new children - it is rumoured he might have a change of name to Pied Piper .... one would presume he does have the consent of the parents involved?? The Taunton hare gave instructions regarding the hash, and we were off .... to the sound of a rather loud hunter bugel that was the signature tune for the next 100 minutes. Lots of hills, rough ground and tree roots tried to thwart the hashers, indeed 99% tackled the route without problems. However there's always one....and it was Horny Woman who embarassed herself by tripping in spectacu

Guest Scribe Required

Next week I, Tuned In, and Groucho will both be away (not together I hasten to add!!!). Do we have any volunteers who would like to write the words for the blog next Sunday and email them to me? Normally Chesty gets 'volunteered' but knowing how busy and important (!) she is, I'm sure she will be grateful for someone else to do it! Any takers please email me and let me know, On On xx

7th June- White Cross CP - Chip Shop, Dr Jekyll + Mr Hyde

Despite the previous days weather and a bad forecast some 30 hashers arrived at White Cross CP in the sunshine. Chip Shop informed us that actually most of the hash had been laid by Jekyll and Hyde, although as it turned'd never have known, Jekyll didn't seem to be able to find the trail any better than the rest of us at times! We were told it was laid in flour on the, right, with some fish hooks and a sweetie stop. There were warnings of a very slippery steep slope further into the trail, so any children or pregnant people could circumnavigate this if needs be. We set off coming to a standstill again about 10m further down the car park while there was a lot of loitering while the trail was being checked out. After a couple of checks and a few more 'on-backs' called by the hares, the slippery slope appeared. After being well trained by Radiohead never to wimp out of anything, Tuned In gamely decided to take the difficult option and prom

Devon A2B hash

Don't forget, this Saturday is the A2B hash starting from Hare and Hounds CP, Putts Corner, Sidbury. The trail this month is being laid by Stat Nav and Radiohead. For the A2B virgins, the trail is usually about 10 miles for the longs and about 7-8 for the shorts, with 2 beer stops along the way. We meet at 12.30 for a 12.45 start. Hope to see you there.

31st May - Whimple Station CP - Tail Lamp, Groucho + Shao Bo

Lovely sunny day today here in Whimple where 24 hashers gathered in readiness for the great sweat. Three hares were responsible for creating todays mess, all of which passed the buck to the other for a negative comments, as if our three hares deserve the same. We were graced today by the arrival of the Harrison Family who had come all the way from, wait for it, Whimple, nice to see you Harrisons. Also Gary, a new hasher turned up sporting a Newcastle United Football shirt covered in tear stains, never mind hopefully they will bounce back into the Premier League soon. Radiohead set a blistering pace so much so that he encountered every fish -hook on the trail, what a hasher that boy is. His only problem was his lack of dog controlling skills, which resulted in his being fined no fewer than four times, all of which were 'Millie the Dog' linked. Tampa was caught using technology early in the hash, maybe to book his next luncheon appointment, anyway he too was fined. The considera