23rd August - Bullers Hill - Twice Daily, Pebbledash + Runs Again

Haldon hill was the venue today, in an area used not only by hashers, but also walkers, cyclists, rip sliders and segways ????. Parking meters here today caused lots of searching in pockets, and money laundering looking for small change. However one lucky hasher was standing around looking for change for so long, she was given a free ticket by a passerby, you can take the girl out of Liverpool but .............. Groucho arrived looking like he had slept in his T-shirt for a week !!! Whip round next week to get the poor sod an iron ! We circled up ... then Tampa arrived on time ... ie late ! and then even later Spockybitz. Then the unusual occurance of the circle being broken by 2 men on segways, setting up a tent, go figure !!!
Today was a virgin hare trail layed by Twice daily, Pebbledash and Runs Again, unfortunately they ended up laying it 3 times !! due to rain and queerie sabotage !!! they must have been knackered !!!! We were given details of possibly a couple of new signs on the trail, but whats a cross/circle between friends. Chesty was hampered by an injury to her little toe, that occurred IN BED !!!! but soldiered on with minimal fuss, what a girl ! Another injured hasher was Howling wolf's youngest, ET, who was nursing a poorly knee. She started off skipping along with her daddy, the two of them in perfect sequence, but then was in pain so was left in the capable ?? care of Tuned In, but later on was seen running behind Wellington ... well she had no choice really - as she was tied to him !!!! Cyclist with heavy armour passed us by, and were quickly accused of being the sabotage culprits by a few hashers, british justice at its best .... guilty by appearance and vicinity. A fish hook felony was committed by Spockybitz and Paperwork, ie not going back to the back hare ....... Twice daily was NOT amused and made her feelings very apparent, to which Spockybitz had the grace to blush. We don't know if this was due to embarassment or dominatrix excitement !!!!! Horny Woman was talking about a story in the local rag about a brothel being raided in Exmouth or should that be Exmuff !!! anyway .... Groucho seemed to get very aggitated by this news, could this be the reason he was missing last week ??? in the cells overnight ??? and and come to think of it, could it be the same reason Ring Piece was missing last week too !!!! ......... the name is a bit of a coincidence dont you think ???
Sweetie stop was greeted with the usual glee, with hard wine gums making a new appearance, that caused much innuendo which was started by Chesty " Oooo these are hard, so they last longer" obviously this caused much excitement to the single women amongst us. Lots of musings about sucking, chewing and swallowing followed. All this naughty talk caused Tampa to cross his legs and Isosoles to have a sneeky game of pocket billiards. However all this was superceded by the worst case of child abuse seen in many a hash ............ Spockybitz stealing a sweetie from the hand of the smallest child. He was heckled by many AND clipped accross the head by one outraged hasher, but seemed unrepentant, except to offer the remainder of the chewed sweet back to the robbed child. Social services will be informed i'm sure.
As we went along we were given the added spectacle of several rip-sliders screaching along, Tail lamp wondered whether they would be like a human skewer at the end of the line. Lots of climbing and clambouring up steep woodland followed with 2 fallers who were caught by unruly undergrowth .... it would be rude to name them .... they know who they are ..... they share the same initials HW !!!
Just as we finished it started to drizzle so the very sensible and intelligent Spockybitz suggested we shelter under some trees to circle up ..... fault 1 - trees didnt stop the rainfault 2 - we were on the main motorway track used by cyclists and walkers Twice daily was given a resounding well done for her 1st hash. Excellent hash AND with the handycap of being knobbled by unknown nurds. Fines were given for child abuse - short cutting - narkyness - and lack of bringing the pink handbag back from its weekend away. So - its official - Twice daily is no longer a virgin !!!!


  1. aha i loved that hash it was brill but the only problem was is going out on saturday and laying it and then going out on sunday and finding half of it wasnt there so we had to do it at 9.00 sunday morning and then do the hash straigh after


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