30th August - Squabmoor Reservoir CP - Chip Shop + Pony Wire

Two lonely hares were sat in their car when I arrived at today's venue, not noticing them straight away it did cross my mind that I may have come to the wrong place. Then slowing the hares revealed themselves as the windows of their car dropped down,there they were to rather sleepy hares in the shape of Pony Wire and Slipshod.Soon the car park became a hive of activity with hashers leaping out of their cars, this was greeted with a great deal of relief by the hares.Horny Woman came charging into the car park only to hear a very loud thud as her car passed over a high tree stump.We all grasped but Horny Woman did not appear to be concerned.
Then we noticed a stranger in our mist it was the original sheriff in the shape of Oddbitzthis meant only one thing all lawless behaviour would have to cease, for those who are not aware our sheriff is a very,very hard man who takes no hash messing.
The hares did their usual bit in the circle then invited us to "check it out". At this point there was a degree of mayhem with hashers suffering a range of emotions as they searchrd for the trail whilst others in the pack took the change to have a mini AGM. Eventually the distant cry of a Spockybitz could heard calling on-on so on on we all went chasing the sound of the Spocky voice.His vocal range is very good, perhaps he has a future in opera.
Within five minutes we enjoyed our first of three long/short splits those doing the shorts enjoyed them anyway especially Paperwork who revealed that he had had a rather heavy day yesterday, so of thinking he had been involved in some sort of building project which demanded the use of muscle power. Wrong, arm lifting glasses of nectar was the correct answer so little or no sympathy was shown by the pack for this self in-flected condition. Ring Peace took care of Tuned-In in case she suffered any mega-hurts(she is expecting,we're not sure what she is expecting but nobody saw or heard anything) and guided her around the trail.We all think you did very very well, Ring Peace.
We were at the sweet stop when some one remarked that ever time they had seen the sheriff he had been busy writing notes in his black book, as an ex-teacher I think his handwriting and spolling have made some progress, but bearing in mind that he had been away for some time on his boat rumour has it searching for the eighth sea, one would assume that he may have improved his literacy skills.
We were treated to three bags of sweets today the pick of the bunch being marsh mallows, picked for a near by marsh perhaps.They when down well too well with hashers sticking out their hands in eager hope that there would be more, only to be disappointed.The changed the instructions upon leaving the sweet stop from three and onto one and on, some hashers now encountered great difficulty remembering this new info and chaos reigned suppreme upon reaching the next check certain members of the pack forgot the hare's info. As luck would have it the hare in the shape of Slipshod saved the day and literally got us all out of the woods.
Back at the car park the sheriff was up to his old tricks giving fines left right and centre, no mercy was shown, obviously cross the sheriff at your peril. Next we all sang or tried to sing happy birthday to Spocky, in cause you don't know rumour has it that he is now eleventy.Happy Eleventyth Spocky. Finally birthday boy produced a cake to which we all invited to consume, this proved to be very easily done, as when it comes to eating/drinking the pack suddenly need no info.
Thanks Groucho for doing the blog this week. On On to next weeks hash, Stowford Cross CP, Woodbury Common. ED


  1. I am trying to find a contact number for someone on here....would love to come for my first UK Hash on Sunday, but can't find Stowford Cross on the Google map. Could someone email/text me collinsmg@live.co.uk / 07891885080
    Thank you

  2. Hi, I've sent you an email with directions, get back in touch if you need to, on on, Tuned in


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