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Hash Haberdash

If anyone is wishing to order t-shirts or sweatshirts please see Groucho as he will be putting an order in soon. The price list is to your right on the screen.

25th October - Uphams Plantation - Howling Wilf

What an eventful day today would turn out to be and that was before we were to even leave the safety (!?) of the car park. Howling Wilf had not been confused by the clocks changing this time and had also laid on some lovely weather for us. A few hashers seemed to be there very early...had they got out of bed too soon we wonder?? By 11am there were about 30 hashers gathered eager to find todays trail. Groucho circled us up to give us an update on his missing glasses saga. Then out of the blue came Up Yours racing into the car park, pulling up into a perfectly good parking space. This appeared to be too simple for us must surely be made more difficult than that?? She reversed out of said space, fancying Stat Navs space much more, she chose to reverse straight into his car. But's not his's Chestys, good luck with THAT one then!! Poor old Chip Shop just stood there looking dumbfounded while Stat Nav was still drunk I think or at the very least h

18th October - Grouchos 65th Birthday Hash

A little something different for this special occasion. Hope you all enjoy. (PS Don't forget to turn the sound on!!) Massive thanks to beanbag and her elves for the delicious food that was provided for us. Also a thankyou from Groucho as we raised £95.12 for NSPCC. On On to next weeks trail at Uphams Plantation, with Howling Wilf

Autumn Gathering Weekend 2009

Friday 9th October Hashers had gathered from far and wide for a much looked forward to weekend, some spending a considerable amount of time driving around the very small village of Dulverton trying to find the way to the bunk barn! After picking our bunk in either girls, boys or mixed dorms it was time to meet up for a cheeky beer before our first hash. Thats Crap had been well and truly baptised by the opening of the beer barrel and therefore raring to go go go!!! We gathered outside in the pouring rain awaiting our instructions from the hare, the legend that is Groucho. Sweetie stop, long short splits and fish hooks were promised, plus a pre-treasure hunt in the form of a missing number that had mysteriously disappeared from the hares grasp whilst laying the treasure hunt. There were numerous forms of lighting used to show the way, including hand held torches, lanterns, small head torches, and HUGE head torches that would put Heathrow to shame. So On On we went, the usual front r

4th October - Pine Ridge CP, Woodbury Common - Tampa

Well our hare, Tampa, excelled today for two reasons, firstly no Four Firs, Warren or Castle for us but instead an excellent trail set most of the time in forest. Stat-Nav arrived in the car park and advised us he wasn't stopping, he did look rather smart. Spocky was absent because Itsy-Bitz was not very well and was taken to the hospital. The Sheriff did the register, he certainly looked at home in this role wandering around the car park with his clip board. We set off with about 18 hashers in total, Woodpecker arriving just as we were about to start, he loves those Sunday lie -ins. The trail started with a series of zig-zags within the environs of the car park until at last we headed for the deep part of the forest, otherwise known as the dark side. Within this area was the first of two long short splits, I, Groucho did the short which seemed pretty long, maybe the long was pretty short? The shorts arrived at the sweet stop about five minutes before the others appeared. What was