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15th November - Mamhead obelisk car park - Blobhoblin

Looking out of the window on Saturday you could have been forgiven for thinking that this weekends hash was going to be a wash out. However, Blob had covered that off and organised fine weather for the atheletes that turned up and also arranged a personal parking space for Up Yours. Everyone was there ready for the off, apart from Horny Woman who had made contact with Spocky Bitz and advised that she was currently conducting a tour of the Haldon Hill car parks (and she says she's not into dogging!!). After being completely misled and pointed in the wrong direction by the On On sign on the ground, the hare intervened and called the hashers back. Away the hashers raced with Stat Nav finding the right direction and calling the rest of the pack on. However, simple lad as he is, was totally confussed by the next sign. Away he strod into the undergrowth, before Tampa arrived to point out that he should have followed the trail up onto and through the wooden obstacle course. Tampa's

8th November - Keepers Cottage - Groucho

As 11am approached the hashers had parked up, where they could, and Groucho called the circle. Horny Woman called ahead advising she was on her way and we were not to go without her and then Odd-Bitz arrived and proceeded to break up our hash circle by driving straight through the middle of it (not the actions of a responsible sherrif!!). Stat-Nav made an announcement on behalf of Tuned-In and Radiohead, after 36 hours of painful labour they were now the proud parents of a little baby girl. Stat-Nav added that in admiration of Tuned-In's efforts he had asked Radiohead what 36 hours of the worse ever and apparently never ending pain could possibly feel like......"well it's kind of like one of Groucho's boardgames!", replied Radiohead. Anyway, once the circle had re-gathered we were sent off by the Hare, with Woodpecker being the last to arrive but first out the blocks. Down hill we went (metaphorically so did this hash) and onto a check where Tampa went racing of

Welcome to Baby Radio GaGa!!!!

Radiohead and Tuned In are very happy to announce the safe arrival of Radio GaGa at 3.34am on Friday 6th November 2009. She weighed 8lb 9oz and you'll be pleased to know that Bag Lady arrived just in time to say the first hello of the hashers!!

Sunday 1st November - Four Firs - Twice Daily, Pebble Dash & Runs Again

As 11am approached the hashers were already carefully chosing their parking spaces, mindful that Up Yours was still to arrive. Blobhoblin had already errected a special sign saving a extra wide space especially for Up Yours.....and the end she did not show!! We were asked to circle up and making a second appearance JY Kelly (hash name not requested this week!!) had turned up again. The hares gave numerous mis-leading instructions....was it laid on the right, on the left, fish-hooks are marked, fish-hooks aren't marked and there was a sweetie stop.....but no sweets! And then it was On On!! The hashers raced (loosely speaking) down the paths, through a marsh and into the forest. Spocky-Bitz was calling On On but nobody could see how to get to him on the other side of the ferns until Stat-Nav and JY Kelly decided to run straight through. The hashers continued on down various paths and steep ravines which T-Mouse decided to spring down from side to side (reminiscent of Zebedee off t