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Sunday 28th February is THE AUSSIE HASH from The Swans Nest, Exminster. Fancy dress is positvely encouraged. The hash is in honour of Down Below who will be leaving us for Down Under shortly (hopefully he will remember and come to the hash!!) Also a send off for Horny Woman who is off to Oz for 5 weeks! Look forward to seeing you all there.

21st February - Newton St Cyres - Groucho

We all gathered at the venue,we being 15 of us, but we didn't get away until gone 11.15 hrs as we had to play a game called car shove up in other words we were asked to create more space for footballers etc to park, as luck would have there were no vehicle scratches or dents involved with these extra activities. Woodpecker arrived, late of course fresh from his holiday only to inform Groucho that if he was a six cylinder car engine he was only firing on three of them. What sort of an holiday had he been on?! At last we were off with Spockybitz and Stat-Nav setting a blistering pace only problem being they were going the wrong way for the first three checks. The mother and toddler group were to be found at the back for most of the way, no doubt talking baby tactics and exchanging children friendly tips. The pack had the pleasure of running over part of a golf course, by kind permission of course, Tampa managing to find a golf ball which was his pride and joy until he spotted a tar

14th February - Ellerhayes Bridge, Killerton - Twin Peaks

A new venue for todays Valentine hash, I don’t think we’ve ever started off from there? The official car park being tiny meant most of us crossed over the bridge and parked there. The hashers kept on arriving and before long there were well over 30 of us with some visiting hashers, Cuckoo from OVH3 and her family. The theme of the day was red as it was Valentines day and some of our younger hashers had made a fabulous effort with their fancy dress, We circled up in the tiny car park, only having to disband straight away as we let a civilian car escape. Emerald at this point, sprinted (?) out into the road with a cry from Spocky, ‘Don’t lie down Emerald’, but she was just seeing them safely out. With Radio Ga Ga punctuating the hares instructions with her screaming, Twin Peaks gave our orders, lucky she has a good set of lungs too!! She had been ably assisted by Groucho (is that not an oxymoron???). All the checks, hash halts etc were heart shaped, lots of kissing gates, fines for a

7th February - Castle CP, Woodbury Common - Howling Wilf

It was a cold and misty morning up on the common but that didn’t deter us hardy hashers, there were well over 20 hashers again. Groucho informed everyone that with regard to last weeks blog, Tail Lamps shoelaces were once again flaccid! Lovely word that!! Talking of Flaccid, did he ever return to the hash after we named him that??? Howling Wilf gave us our instructions and off we set down hill. After a lot of loitering at the next check, Paperwork called us on. More down hill ensued, this did not bode well for later! Through the forest we went and back out on to the track for a bit more loitering. As we headed towards the next forest foray, some of the knitting circle had got themselves a way behind. We reached the first long/ short split where Sorepoint convinced Tuned In to ’go long’. This was to later become a very sore point! The knitting circle at the back however, thinking themselves to be very clever, first mistake, thought they’d cheat and go off piste to catch up, not realisi

31st January - Haldon Belvedere - Twin Peaks + Tail Lamp

What a lovely day - sunshine, not too cold not off we set to drive to the hash. Coming along the motorway - what do we see but a funny grey cloud over to the left somewhere in the vicinity of Haldon Hill. Driving a bit further along, this becomes a full on snow shower, flakes the size of handkerchiefs. What are we doing, voluntarily driving up Haldon Hill in a blizzard - haven't you heard about all those poor people getting stuck in their cars for hours on Haldon Hill in the snow. Do we turn round? Of course we don't - we've got a hash to run!! Quite a few braved the weather and congregated in the car park, with our hares Twin Peaks and Tail Lamp looking a little bereft. Of course, it wasn't snowing when they started laying the hash, so all the sawdust was now under a covering of white stuff, and completely invisible! Tampa, Oddbitz and Puss in Bootless weren't confident enough in their own driving, and left their cars at the top of the hill, running down at the la