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21st March - Ashclyst Forest - Bell Toll

Where have all the hashers gone, not so many today anyway, perhaps they had received inside information in the of a severe warning about mud. Rumour has it that Bell Toll, our hare, had it dumped by the lorry load. Anyway whilst we the pack, or if a small group do we refer to ourselves as a packet??, waited for our mud splattered hare to appear we played pass the baby involving Radio GaGa it was of course noted that it was only male members who held the said baby. Pass the baby stopped when an spoil-sport in the shape of Stat-Nav appeared who in one swoop gathered up the said GaGa and placed her on his back. The game was over. Next Tail-Lamp informed us that he had seen a car do a 380 degree turn, gone is the old 360 degree perhaps due to inflation, having said that he does specialize in going round in circles. Finally the hare appeared complete with layer of mud, within seconds we were off in search of our first brown stuff experience, which to our surprise had not surfaced during th

Layby nr Bowd Inn - Sunday 14th March - Spocky Bitz

The usual suspects gathered at the usual time, 11am, but not necessarily at the usual place!....or the same place (more about that later!). As hare, Spocky-Bitz provided the instructions to group, Long-short splits, fish-hooks, sweetie stop and most importantly one and on! Somehow, Tuned-In and Stat-Nav missed this important detail. Tuned-In claimed to miss this as she was handling her baby, Stat-Nav claimed not to have heard as he was handling himself (let's move on - quickly!). On-On and the group raced up the road and into the woods. A few twists and turns later and we came across a back check. Looking over the side of the imposing ravine a few mutterings of 'he wouldn't take us down there?' were heard.Oh yes he would! Tuned-In found the trail and the hashers followed her down the steep sides. Well the only way was up and straight up the other side we all went. Well...not all of us! Ringpiece was spotted pearing down over the far edge, shaking her head and running

7th March - Yarcombe Village CP - Bush Babie

What a great Spring day at Yarcombe venue for todays hash. The sky was blue and hardly a cloud in sight as we gathered to meet up with Taunton H3. A total of forty plus hashers took part for this 11.00 am start, we sent twelve hashers, many of our lot were "doing" the Cub or the Grizzly. Yet we were graced with the appearance of a special guest in the shape of Chesty, nice to see you Chesty. The start of the hash took us along the main A30 for about 200 metres, up hill of course, before turning right on to a narrow lane then continuing on to a footpath, more up hill of course. The views were great even if the air was thinner here on the top of the East Devon Alps, the considerate hare put in several hash halts which helped to recharge hashers body batteries whilst taking in the views. Once we had left the alps behind we headed along a ridge with valleys/combes to be seen on both sides before diving into thick woodland. Some how Tuned-In and Ring Piece were spotted at the fron

City of Exeter H3 goes global!


28th February - The Swans Nest, Exminster - Stat Nav + Radiohead

The forecast was for gales, sleet and rain. We actually came off quite lightly, as the 20+ hashers gathered in the car park it was just windy, but dry. This was the only part of the hash that could be described as dry! Almost everyone had suitable fancy dress, albeit a bit obscure by some people, others in full attire wigs and all! Horny Woman even had her pants outside her running tights, did she think she was Wonder Woman? Stat Nav explained about the trail, all the usual, long/short splits, fish hooks, sweetie stop and we were assured it was a lovely clean and dry trail????!!!! Eventually, we managed to get away, only to have Howling Wilf stumble at the first hurdle and had to hobble back to the car to take himself home, poor Welly had only just got ready to run. With X-Bitz and Tuned In taking Itsy and Radio Ga Ga on a shortcut, the others started throught the first bit of clean, dry trail. On on through some boggy marsh land and Spocky appeared to the walkers as they came up to