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Thorverton - Staines & Comes Regularly (Whiplash - absent) 27th June

Well, as many of the hashers entered the village we noticed Tail Lamp driving out, back towards the main road. Had he seen the hills and was he having second thoughts, had he been up to somethin he shouldn't have been or was he just lost? Well no prizes for guessing this one! As we gathered we noticed a distinct lack of hares? Then entering stage left they walked past the car park and told us they would be back....what were they up to? A few minutes later we circled up and were given our instructions by the replacement hare. Staines advised that Whiplash was apparently in far had they laid this hash?? On On and away we raced....towards one of the many pubs in Thorverton...unfortunately we kept going! After a big loop we headed out of the village along a nice flat road (this was the last flat piece of running we would see for a long time. We arrived at a check and after some lame checking we were onto another check which brought the hash to halt. Two options - ser

14th June - Upton Pyne Village CP - Groucho

Here's the Blog according to Sorepoint - with help at the pub from Stat Nav, Oddbitz, Fruity Bitz, and Titbitz. 36 beings assembled for this weeks hash ably set by Groucho and assisted by Twin Peaks. There had been some confusion even at this point, as Paperwork and I (Sorepoint) had thought it was our turn this week, but apparently our offer had co-incided with Tampa's e-mail going down and so he never got the message. Never mind, gave me another lie-in, our turn will come round again soon enough, I'm sure. We were introduced to one new runner - Leah. It was so kind of her to drag her grandfather Isosceles along. Groucho announced it was laid in flour, on the right and there would be three Long/Short splits - I think his maths has deserted him as I'm sure there were at least five or six splits along the way. Anyway, on to the hash. It was called right out of the car park and on down a little lane to the left. Another check found Stat Nav checking right but not

6th June - Dalditch Farm, Woodbury Common - Fruity Bitz + Odd Bitz

Some twenty-four hashers appeared on the scene for todays hash, some to see the sight of Oddbitz who left his floating gin palace to lay the trail. When circled up neither hare assumed responsiblity for the trail that lay before us until Oddbitz bravely stepped forward, then we were entertained with an art lesson using flour of course to illustrate two new hash signs that he had managed to conjure up. What a talent! This caused the other hare, Fruitybitz, to get involved but alas, she was later fined for giving mis-information. Never mind. Stat-Nav took the role of acting sheriff, he does look the part some hashers were heard to whisper. We're ready to go, well not quite as the hares dropped a first instead of check it out we started with a long short split, which immediately split the pack in half. It was a full ten minutes before we met up again near the cycle way between Exmouth and Budleigh, Spockybitz leading the way for the longs to the hash halt, what a human dynamo that boy

29th May - Warren CP, Woodbury Common - Stat Nav

Stat Nav ordered a sunny sunday and obviously he has clout in high places as it was indeed a lovely sunny sunday. About 17 hashers assembled, including Up Yours and offspring driving a nice shiny red car ........ everyone covered their eyes and hoped for the best !!!! ........ will she EVER live the reversing incident down ???? her hubby Slip Shod and friend Howling Wilf arrived on two wheels and sweat ...... NO Woodpecker today apparently in Singapore. So we were off by 10 past. On On to the common we went, as Radiohead was in the Lakes and Stat Nav and Spocky Bitz were both with child (Radio Gaga, and Itzy Bitz) it gave others to shine, however as the writer of this blog was towards the latter end of the group she is unaware who was actually infront. But she remembers seeing Boots in Puss and Slip Shod's rear ends in the distance. Lots of fishhooks kept Bell Toll, Howling Wilf and Tampa busy, AND Up Yours getting a fish hook ??? then another, then another, obviously she'