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St Loyes have closed off the car park at the rear and so I suggest we meet at Duckes Marshes which is at end of Salmon Pool Lane. From Countess Wear turn left after Barrack Rd lights. Salmon Pool Lane is opposite Buckerall Lodge. At end of Salmon Pool lane turn left down narrow lane signposted Playing Fields. On road parking on single yellow line( does not apply at weekend.)

Broadclyst Village Hall - Isosceles - 26th September 2010

Sunday morning and we all gathered for the Hares' second ever trail at another new location for the City of Exeter Hash. Broadclyst! So new infact some of us had to stop and ask for directions on the way....others meanwhile were observed pulling into the car park and asking some locals sat on the wall for directions...well done Wide Receiver! (Excelled only by the fact he then drove a full 5 yards and parked up in a non-parking space when there were plenty free around the car park!). Still this wasn't the only event to occur whilst we gathered for the hash circle. FF broke the circle to say hello to long lost friends and then bombing around the corner came Up Yours. Now this really did test the resolve of the hash we stay in circle whilst she drives towards us or run for cover? Luckily she pulled up a few yards short and jumped from the car to inform us that she was not here for the hash but was on her way to a craft fair. Her appearance was only to return the Har

Ashclyst Forrest - 19th Sept 2010 - Sorepoint & Paperwork

It started like any other City of Exeter Hash....except I don't think anyone was late! However, the Hares were not wearing the customary orange T-shirts....apparently they are running scarce. Although I believe Up Yours has got so many she is thinking of going to a car boot sale some time soon! The usual instructions were issued by the hares; laid on the right (when Paperwork remembered), sweet stop, fish-hooks and we were told it was approximately 4.25miles long. We were told to check it out and hashers were seen running in all directions (ok - when i say running you know what I mean!!). Every which way but...the right one! When you look at the City of Exeter Hash attendees it is quite surprising that it has taken so long for this most noteable first to be achieved....we needed help from the hares just to get out of the car park!! But once pointed in the right direction by Sorepoint it was across the road and On On! Dr Jeckyl taking up the role of an earlier front runner before

Peak Hill, Sidmouth. Sun 12 September 2010. Dr Jekyll & Chip Shop

Well what a lovely sunny day remarked many hashers as they arrived in the car park, in fact 28 turned up today to form the pack. Our hares Slipshod and Doctor Jekyll were biting at the bit to get started, except neither really wanted to explain what havoc they had caused or were about to cause. Stat-Nav arrived very very late claiming he had been delayed due to going shopping, he was of course fined, as was Groucho for wearing sandals just before we set off. We set off at a blistering pace for the first fifty metres then came the first check. FF,Cathusalem and Groucho found the trail except it apparently was the wrong one, it was the trail but further on, we were fined, we all blamed each other but the pack still fined each any everyone of us. There were three long/shorts splits which helped the old,ill,lazy and slow hashers amongst the gathered throng of which there were several. Exbitz and Puss-in-Bootless were heard talking about something technical as we all zoomed on our way, un

5th September - Squabmoor Reservoir CP - Woodpecker

The car park was fast filling up, but no-one bothered to leave a space for Up Yours, as she so rarely turns up anyway, and what with Chip Shop cycling 1000 miles just to be at her door today, there seemed no point at all really! Free Rider was seen to be wearing her shoes on the wrong feet, perhaps she fancies herself as a ballet dancer and was practicing her turned out feet? Blobby thanked everyone for replying to his e-mails and invited anyone else who wants to score to drop him a line! Is this some sort of new dating site we should know about? Woodpecker, covered from head to toe in flour as it had been raining when he set the hash, gave us a few wise words and sent us on our way over the road and onto the heath. Lots of backwards and forwards, up and down, shiggy, gorse, brambles and all the usual hashing hazards. PP and FF had to leave us rather suddenly when PP's knee gave out on her. Hope you feel better soon PP. Woodpecker had, in usual fashion, declined to lay a l

29th August - The Kings Arms, Otterton - Spocky Bitz

It was nice to see a lesser used venue for the trail today. We all gathered opposite the pub in the wait, it was a bank holiday weekend, the cloud. We had some hash virgins today, Ray and his daughter Louisa and Horny Womans bit of stuff all the way from Oz, Paul! Needless to say the merciless piss taking started immediately, well, we had another 'visitor', Radiohead, who saw it as his duty to ensure Paul intentions to our very own Horny Woman were entirely honourable. (I'm not sure we ever established that they were????) After welcoming our visitors and virgins, Spocky assured us of a lovely, dry trail that had taken him approximately 1 hour to lay as he got up very late, therefore it was only one and on. We set off in our various directions, most of us heading off in the wrong direction. On up the hill we were called with the walkers actually not at the back for once. Radiohead began his interrogation of Paul while Bell Toll and Tuned In eagerly listene