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A New Year A New Start

The Hash On Jan 1st is From Blobington Manor HOW TO FIND BLOBS HOUSE-JUST HEAD FOR ALPHINGTON CHURCH, TURN LEFT IF HEADING FROM EXETER WESTCOMBE IS SECOND ROAD ON RIGHT OR USE THE MAP BELOW! Blobhoblin has kindly agreed to have the on down at his house afterwards.All welcome!!!

RE: The Christmas Hash Do at The Twisted Oak, Ide

Hi all, (Again) It was the usual Hashers that picked out the obvious mistake I made!!! Carvery was £8.95 and now for members it is only a FIVER!! saving a massive 4 ish pounds (not £3 Tampa!) and 2 courses was £10.95 and I said for members was EIGHT pounds saving £3ish pounds (not £2 Tampa!! go back to school ) BUT I meant! wait for it!! Only SEVEN of your finest pounds!! (saving £4ish pounds!) Stick that I your pipe and smoke it Mr douting mufasa's!! All the T&C's on the previous email still apply. onon The Spockster

Directions to this weekends hash at Squabmoor Reservoir

Sunday 4 December. Groucho at Obelisk Car Park

A bit chilly this morning as we gathered in the well known doggers car park.  That's dog walkers of course and not anything else that you might have been thinking about.  Groucho called us to order and a virgin hasher by the name of Ella was introduced by her proud grandmother Horny Woman.  A picture in pink she looked as well!  The trail was laid in flour, on the right as usual and look out for the planted golf ball along the trail.  There would be a prize for its' safe recover. The on was soon called towards the obelisk itself, but no, a crafty check back sent us off piste and into the woods.  Scrambling over and under and through tiny gaps (the hare's assistant Miss Peaks is a hobbit you know, and can fit through much smaller spaces than your average hasher).  We soon found ourselves out on a proper trail again and there was Tuned In, Radio GaGa, Horny Woman and Ella striding towards us - can't be that way then!  Down Groucho's train tunnel admiring the various

27th November Pine Ridge CP Woodbury common FF and PP

So full was the car park today that many hashers parked in the road, not the middle of the road you understand.Yet within the car park our hares were no where to be seen, neither was their car.Spockybitz put on his anxious face, whilst little Itsy played un the puddles,with minutes to go until the bewitching hour our hares FF and PP appeared on the scenebut in their car. Had they been off road ! Spockybitz completed the hash register with a smile on his face, the circle formed, well behaved they were too, no Stat-Nav so Twin Peaks was made deputy sheriff with Oddbitz sheriff, the main man.He was so eager he pulled out his pencil and paper just to make us lesser mortals beware of the consequences of any unlawful acts. Then we were off, at a snails pace as the pack meandered between the trees, whilst high above the sun shrone brighty, a great day for meandering between trees. Suddenly someone spotted a dark shape in the wood, it came closer, several hashers stopped in their tracks, what

Sunday 4th December Obelisk CP Directions

Children in Need and AGM

The 20th November hash from Pynes Hill Exeter raised a grand total of £55 for Children in Need so well done to everyone. The following Points were decided at the AGM 1. The committee.....  GM-Groucho                                  Hash Cash-Spocky Bitz                                  Beer Meister-Spocky Bitz                                  Hare Raiser- Tampa                                  Hash Score Meister- Blobhoblin                                  Sheriff -Twin Peaks(its going to be an expensive year)                                  Deputy Sheriffs-Odd Bitz and FF 2. Subs have been frozen at £20 for singles and £30 for families(time to ditch Radiohead!) 3.There will be an Autumn Gathering 2012 Venue and date to be announced 4.Groucho needs all cups/trophies back for the awards on 18th Dec at the Twisted Oak 5.XBitz suggested a 2012 Spring/Summer dinner/dance possibly a black tie job using some of the excess hash funds. 6.Everyone at the AGM wanted to see