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Get well soon Woodpecker

Woodpecker has managed to fall from a ladder and had to be taken to Exeter RD and E where he had a four hour operation having cracked his pelvic bone in several places. On behalf of City of Exeter we all wish him well and trust that he makes a speedy recovery. Brains informed the hash on Sunday 30 July that our Woodpecker was still in hospital and would remain there for several days.


The hash for Sunday 5 August will now be at Exeter Arena at 11.00 HARE Miss Twin Peaks


Urgent message: a hare is needed to lay a trail on SUNDAY 5 AUGUST 2012 whether it be live or not. If you can help could you please contact either Tampa on 01392-875395 or Groucho on 01392-251994

15th July - Trout Inn, Bickleigh - Bag Lady and Twin Peaks

This is the shortest blog for the longest trail, in time, but not all time. Great views lovely day, hills to die for, slopes to slide down getting back to base two hours later. Baglady and Twin Peaks conjured up today's route and a great they did, I slept like a baby for several hours when I got home. Anyway well done girls.

8th July - Weston CP - Mad Max

That yellow frisby was high in the sky as the pack assembled at Weston CP where our hare Mad Max was waiting to greet one and all. The first part of the hash was all down hill, to the beach via a large number of meandering movements. The views were great the only thing was that frisby had disappeared, one hasher then commenting that he wouldn't like to do this hash in mid-summer, Blobhoblin some how thinking it was autumn I assume. The frisby appeared once more as we came to the beach where some of the pack looked out to sea, some looked for stones to skim and the remainder just stared up at what awaited them. A steep steep climb ! Our hare got us together and off we trooped up this long and winding hill, there was a lot of winding. Half way up Blobhoblin decided to sit down, was he on strike several hashers rumoured, no he was having one of his dizzy spells, no change there then. Two thirds of the way up the Eiger type hill was the sweet stop, here Tampa was noted nose in swe

1st July - Feniton Village Hall CP - Slipshod

Slipshod gave us a conducted tour of the village of Feniton today armed with his trusty supply of flour. The weather held up for the run which was good, 16 members formed the pack only to be disappointed by the fact that our beer meister Spocky failed to turn up. Our hare went to great lengths to lay three long/short splits give us views a plenty and the odd ray of sunshine from that frisby in the sky, rumour has it its yellow in colour. Anyway well done Slipshod for a good trail.

17th June - Chez Bitz, Exmouth - Spocky Bitz

We all gathered at the residence of the Bitz family for todays weekly dose of exercise, only today we were promised a B-B-Q for afters with sunshine added in. True to their word these Bitz people produced both, and very good it was too. As for the trail, it's best described as an urban shandy, hints of green here and there. The bonus was that the hare promised the pack a pub stop on the way round, how does a hare bring a smile to the faces of a pack who discover that the pub was closed ! Anyway with our stiff upper lips and dry mouths we kept calm and carried on. Spockybitz was of course fined for this terrible crime of promising drink and leaving so many hashers in a thirstyday state or is Thirstyday a national holiday. Well done you Bitzs, I say, and so did the pack as they all tucked in to the food and drink laid on within the grounds of Spocky Hall.