Pynes Hill, Exeter - Blobhoblin

A lot of up and down hills, fish hooks and regroups on today's trail. Excellent views of some parts of "secret" Exeter, and the first proper warm, sunny hash of the year. We were joined by a That's Crap, She's Ready. Come2Night, and others from Plympton, who'd been staying in Dawlish over the weekend. Spocky managed to go to the Exeter Arms, but that was a venue changed a few weeks ago due to it being a busy (Mothers Day) for the pub. Apparently it wasn't busy at 10.45! There was a "mother's only" bridge crossing; the remainder had to go across the stream. Up and down, up and down - bloody hills - and a fish hook at the top (or bottom) of every one! An hour-and-a-half (and 4 miles) later, Twin Peaks dished out a sack-full of fines; lots of nerd naming, sitting and lying down on the hash!
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