The Imperial, Exeter - Groucho and Twin Peaks

A big turn out for our first Sunday lunch hash at the Imperial.  Groucho was the hare, with Miss Peaks as his glamorous assistant.  Miss Peaks decided that fish hooks were going to be 10... yes 10!  Woodpecker was late, but then he brought me some home brew cider and ale, so that lets him off (thanks Woodpecker - I'll return the favour when mine is ready).  We set off across the zebra crossing, to the park, and making our way up through the houses towards Prince of Wales Road.  We thought we had lost Woodpecker, but he appeared eventually, so we'll have to try harder next time.  Then up through the university grounds of "No Hope" Hall, passed where Bollards and I used to live, across some stepping stones and to the sweetie stop in a beautiful location by the stream.  We continue across the campus, but lost Groucho and his SCBs - technology had to be used in order to find out where he was.  But we continued onwards, via a long short split (where the long - across the valley - was shorter than the short), through a field of scary loooking cows, and back to the Impy.

Lots of fines this week, which were doubled, and donated to Sports Relief. Over £30 raised in total.  Total Eclipse, Trail Eraser (brother of Trail Blazer) and FCUK were given down downs and named.  Then On On into the pub for beer and lunch.
Itzibitz picking flowers for Xbitz
Sweetie Stop

Sunday lunch

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