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Tampa's 65th Birthday BBQ - Clyst St Mary - 25th May 2014

Sadly I forgot to take any photos this week.  But since there was no Sheriff, I probably got away with it.  In any case, if you remember Tampa's BBQ trail last year, you may have recognised certain elements! Somewhat of a "unsettled" feel to the weather, humid, but then cold; sunny, but later showery.  We met at the car park at the top of the village and headed towards the road bridge, but then back towards the Half Moon pub.  Across the old bridge, with a back check sending us across the field alongside the river.  The longs headed into the marshy fields, the less intrepid saw the first stream to cross, and then decided against it. Through some cows, and then up along the lane behind the showground.  Many, many fish hooks, and lots of ladies with injuries and shoe laces that were coming undone.  We headed across the fields, having the regroup in Sowton Village.  The sweets were very impressive, with Twix nibbles, Revels, Body Parts, Malteasers - and plenty of them.  Th

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Newton Woods, Newton St Cyres - Blobhoblin and Twin Peaks - 18th May 2014

A lovely clear blue sky greeted the pack as the emerged from their cars, some of whom were still looking a little sleepy. Alway the hare wished everyone one a hearty "good morning" then informed is of the trail or was it trial to which we were to be involved. Open fields started to appear at the beginning of the trial/trail no woods for us, just open fields and of course uphill movements of a steep variety. By the time we reached the first check the pack were well and truly spread out. Next could it be true ,but yes it was we entered the woods, shade at last and of course lots of bluebells, very nice. We all continued to meander in the wood but some of us failed to notice we were dropping down into the depths of darkest part of the wood. Thus it came as no surprise when the great upward march started. However there was a reward for all this pain, a sweet stop at the top of this formidable climb.  Marshmallows and fruit mice were consumed whilst the once silent wood was filled

Stoke Woods - Dropped Balls and Fallen Boobies - 11th May 2014

A surprisingly cold morning - to start with at least. And then it rained! No-one wanted to leave the cars, but it didn't last long. It was Dropped Ball's 15th Birthday Hash. We welcomed 5 new comers, including three international visitors ("Moses" was one) who were friends of Groucho. Kate (who has hashed with us some years ago), and 4-year-old son Arthur, were also greeted. The two brother-hares (Dropped Balls and Fallen Boobies), along with Mum (Holeinone) promised us a lot of "ducking and diving" on a 3 mile trail, a sweetie stop, and then some birthday cake to finish things off. We set off, on not-the-most-obvious paths, a trend that was going to continue. They weren't wrong about the ducking and diving as we made our journey through the carpets of bluebell and flowering wild garlic. (At least my shoes won't smell of cat-pee any more...). The paths were extremely slippery too. But that didn't stop young Arthur, who was extraordinari

Spockington Manor, Exmouth - 4th May - Spocky

Another year - another hash to celebrate Itzybitz's birthday.  This time her 6th!  Spokey laid on a trail, and then a BBQ.  After a late start that even Tampa and Coffin managed to make, we headed off around the houses of Exmouth. Wide Receiver was wearing some rather off-road looking trainers - there was a tiny bitz of shiggy if you knew where to look.  A sweetie stop at the usual playground where the grown ups behaved as children, and the children looked embarrassed!  The on home to enjoy the burgers and sausages. View Spockington Manor Hash - 4th May 2014 in a larger map

Village Hall Car Park, Upton Pyne - 27th April - Groucho

Just a couple of photos this week, courtesy of Hole-in-one.