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Inflatable Hash, Otterton - Spockybitz - 17th August 2014

Another great inflatable hash on a not-totally-summery day.  The pack assembled on Otterton Green, the rain started and Stix broke the pump that was being used to fill the assortment of inflatable toys/mattresses/gym balls and whoopie cushions.  Suitably pumped, we headed off up to the fields at a very leisurely pace, mainly, but not exclusively, because we were all carrying large items.  It didn't take long for us to cross the bridge and reach the entrance to the river.  Once in the water, after posing for the hash flash, we negotiated a fallen tree and screamed as the water level reached sensitive places; Holeinone commenting that her "bum had gone numb".  The water was not warm.  We floated/walked and swam downstream to the sweetie stop where we gradually turned blue with the windchill as we ate strawberry laces, candy bananas and jelly beans, while at the same time, trying not to put our hands in our mouths as we weren't entirely sure of the cleanliness of the wa

Thorverton - Twin Peaks - 10th August

A small but select group of hashers met at Thorverton with the threat of heavy rain. Coffin was armed with her virgin white trainers and Rebecca brought her daughter Matilda along for her first hash on the basis that there would be other children, sadly there were none. The elite hashers sped away from the main pack down the road to meet the first back arrow. -as Twin Peaks left the number to return to our discretion- Cousteau just sped past. We then turned in to a road that had been closed mainly because of a load of shiggy and the infamous Thorverton earthquake  which had destroyed the tarmac and meant you had to clamber up and down. Groucho was able to put his poles to good use at last (instead of kebabing passing hashers and strangers)  We continued through lane and field, had the sweetie stop outside Up Yours new residence although she would not admit to it. Then we headed back to Thorvers passing fields of missing horses and dodging all the horse muck which seemed to be only on

Farmer John and Groucho's Birthday Bash

Don't miss this on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September!

Run with the Company of Wolves

You're probably wandering what on earth Run with The Company of Wolves is all about!? My name is Fiona I work as Producer for Burn The Curtain a South West theatre company who create outdoor promenade theatre events. Our new show - The Company of Wolves - is specifically for runners and walkers. We thought that you and your hashing group might be interested in the show as it's something that's fun and different for runners to take part in. At the end of August we will be performing two shows (Friday August 29th & Saturday August 30th) in Riverside and Ludwell Valley Parks in Exeter. There will be two trails to follow, one for runners (5.5 miles) and one for walkers (3 miles). To create the show we're working with the local hashing community to design the trails. All of our performers are busy getting fit, they will run with and perform to the audience along the trails. See here for more details. If your members are interested in the show, it migh

Calling all Heroes and Villains

Click the here to learn about how you can help raise money in events at Powderham Castle on Sunday 7th September

Prickly Ball Farm - Hole-in-one - 3rd August 2014

A new location for City of Exeter this week as a pack of 22 (including 3 celebrating weekend birthdays) met at the Hedgehog Hospital at Prickly Ball Farm, just off the Totnes Road and near Ogwell.  Hole-in-one was the sole hare as Fallen Boobies and Dropped Balls were called away.  So she'd been at the farm laying the trail since 8am in the morning.  She promised us a trail of between 3 and 4 miles, with "giant" entertainment laid on at the Sweetie Stop.  We were joined by visitors Zoot, Hotlips, Rise and Shine, and others that I can't remember.  Plus we welcomed "Rebecca" to the hash, who had hashed once before with South Hams. The trail headed up the road from the Farm, towards the main A381, but then headed left through a field and round the edge of a wood.  We ran through a new development of houses (still shown as green fields on the map!), and into the slightly older housing in Ogwell.  We were soon in the middle of the village, and regrouped just be