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Warren Car Park, Woodbury Common - Tampa - 28th December 2014

The coldest day of the year, apparently, but at least it was sunny!  A pack of 25 turned up at the Warren Car Park for Tampa's nearly-3-mile jaunt across Woodbury Common, including the entire Woodpecker family.

Haldon Forest - Hole-in-1 and A la Ronde - Boxing Day 2014

Eighteen hashers braved the elements today, climatic conditions were not the best. Despite the rain, there was no excuse for running with an umbrella, but not just any umbrella: it was sponsored by the Met Office. Minxy was the offending hasher for future reference she obviously knows about such things as "climatic conditions".

Twin Peaks' video of the Bone of Contention Award

Twin Peaks wasn't able to make the award of this year's Bone of Contention in person, so she made this video. She's such a pro... but didn't manage it one take... here's the blooper!

Christmas Lunch - Red Lion, Broadclyst - Groucho - 21st December 2014

A pack of nearly 50 hashers, including about a dozen hash horrors, arrived really early (with the usual exceptions) at the Red Lion for our Christmas Trail.  Most dressed festively, but all in high spirits and eager to set off.  It was good to see Wide Receiver and family, and Lilo returning, and also Damp Patch - a City-of-Exeter H3 virgin. 

Topsham - Hole-in-One - 14th December 2014

Today's trail was laid in yellow and green oil pastels and occasionally flour, as the locals had become suspicious of the white powder, sometime back in history when they thought that it was poison for dogs.  In the circle, hashers were labelled either Holly or Ivy for a mysterious reason which would become apparent on trail and right at the end there was a H/I split, although depending on which direction you looked at the H or I, it could have been either.  We were also told to be very quiet so as not to upset the twitchers.

Christmas Hash

Don't forget to book you meal on the Christmas Hash by giving Spocky your meal choice and £5 deposit next week (14th Dec).  Menu choice is here .  Meals are £5 for adults members, £4 for child members, all full menu price for non-members. 

Poachers Inn, Ide - Crazy Minx and Pantsdown - 7th December 2014

A great first lay from virgin hares Pants Down and Minx.  Some hashers had come adorned with Christmas decoration, and for those that hadn't, Minx provided some lip balm and glitter and others picked up bits of holly and ivy on trail.  Fancy Liquor, Armless, Tearaway and friend even managed to get left behind while foraging for something festive.