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Little Haldon - 3D and family - 22nd February

Definitely not one of the Sundays that I woke up, keen to get out hashing.  Even Speedy was having second thoughts (Rocky just wanted to stay at home, but that's because he's lazy!).  Mutterings of "there'll be nobody there" and "I'm not hanging round for the circle" were heard during the journey up to Little Haldon.  But there were other hashers there (35 I think, including a virgin family!), and we did all hang around for the circle.

Ashclyst Forest - Sorepoint and Paperwork - 15th February 2015

Mud, mud and more mud, but what else would you expect from an Ashclyst Forest trail?  It was noted that the Taunton Hashers arrived, at least, on time and the majority of them early; an unknown phenomenon for City of Exeter, but there were only a few of us anyway.  Minxy had forgotten to bring a change of shoes for her clan and faced the prospect of going back to the pub in bare feet, not that they would have been any cleaner judging by the state of mine.

Alphington - Blobhoblin - 8th February

It was a good job that Blobby had made fudge for the sweetie stop on this trail as we really needed it by the time we reached it; about 3 miles in.  This was the longest trail so far this year, clocking in at nearly 6 miles, and if you were unfortunate enough to get caught by the numerous fish hooks it was even longer.

Hanlons Brewery Special

After Groucho's trail on 1st March from Half Moon , the Hanlons Brewery will be open from 12.00 hrs if we wish to have a drink, otherwise they will open as normal at 13.00 hrs serving meals at £10.00 per head plus a big screen for the Ireland-England Rugby Match, ko is at 15.00 hrs.

Exmouth Seafront - Spocky - 1st February 2015

What a great hash laid by Spocky.  It was a hash with strong winds,and we were accompanied along much of the route with "proper" runners from the Fulford 5.  The organisers should really have checked the date before booking it up - its not good for their moral to have hashers showing them up.  Spocky promised that it wasn't his longest trail, but it wasn't his shortest either.