Ellerhayes Bridge - Hole-in-1 and Bluto - 11th October 2015

It was the morning after for some of us... Hole-in-1 had been celebrating Swampy's birthday last night.  Strapo seemed especially worse for wear - and he's in charge of cooking breakfasts next week on the Autumn Gathering.  Good luck with that!

Hole-in-1 promised us a 4 mile ish trail.  It was laid the day before so some of the marks were a little hard to find after a lot of dew overnight.  But it turned out her 4 mile estimate was a bit on the wild side - it turned out to be more like 2.8!
Everyone was moaning that the hill at the beginning up into the Killerton grounds was a killer - and the enthusiasm for a fast trail was somewhat lacking (apart from possibly Total Eclipse and Damp Patch). But it was a good trail - with two sweetie stops.  And we found a dragon (not Double D), a musical instrument and a volcano.
Fines were awarded by Bollards, giving one to me for technology problems (it was a new phone, but I think the selfie "inset" is worth it), a load of hashers for sitting down and nerd naming, Fancy Licker managed to miss her fines as she left early - apparently there was child abuse.
Next weekend is the Autumn Gathering - hooray!  Its sold out, but if you haven't booked up, you can still join us on Sunday at 11am.  Its from the White Hart in Cheddar, map is here.  As always, don't forget to Rate The Hash.  Finally click here to order your hash tshirts, hoodies etc before the order is placed in November.


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