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Joney's Cross - Oddbitz and Wobblybitz - 31st January 2016

A good sized pack turned out for today’s trail as the January grand tour of Woodbury common concluded.  Wobbly Bitz had been lost while laying the trail, but had returned to hare it, thankfully, alongside Oddbitz who’d obviously done the bulk of the work with the flour.

Woodbury Castle - Woodpecker - 24th January 2016

After last week's cold, muddy trail... this week's was warm and muddy: indeed it was almost tropical thanks to El Nino.  Spocky made a sudden route change after thinking it was Joney's Cross (next week's trail), and Ménage parked the wrong side of the road.  As usual, Tampa was late, with Hole-in-1 and Blue Toe even later. Woodpecker had lost all his morals by laying a trail with fish-hooks and a long-short, and offered the pack a list of "not rules", including permitting us to follow the front runners.

Stowford Cross - Spockybitz - 17th January 2016

Mud, I think everyone was expecting mud.  And even the road up to Stowford Cross was pretty shiggy.  The "car park" was worse, and I totally expected somebody to get stuck.  I was partciularly worried about my undercarriage, you see, its hung particularly low. We had another 30+ pack, with Tampa and Woodpecker almost arriving on time.  Spocky, our hare, explained that the first part of the trail was three-and-on, but the second part was one-and-on, becuase he'd only gor round half the trail by 10.35 this morning. A bit of a loop for the r*nners to kick off the trail, rejoining the walkers along the edge of woods.  The a long-short and loop up around the trees and through the undergrowth - a first of many, many loops that were to follow.  Then the trail continued, and we were soon on the second long, and an extreme climb to catch up with the shorts.  Followed by a drop, and another climb up to the regroup.  But this wasn't the sweetie stop, this was still to come.  In

Hares wanted

I need hares for 21st and 28th February!  Please volunteer and let me know by email,  facebook or comment here if you can help.

Harcombe Woods - Blobby and Twin Peaks - 10th January 2016

Blobby played the role of gatekeeper, as he had been given the secret code to allow us to park at Harcombe woods.   Apparently, there had been some unsavoury behaviour taking place meaning that the car park was now locked for the majority of the time. A virgin hasher, Councillor Harcombe(!) of the Parish of Stoke Canon, had been dragged along by Twin Peaks.  Wearing an orange T-shirt he was particularly conspicuous, and Twin Peaks ought to have been fined for not explaining that it was the Hare’s privilege to be dressed in orange – although the actual Hare T-shirts are now more a dirty shade of peach and Blobby was forced to wear a damp T-shirt that had clearly been screwed up in Spocky’s car since the trail before Christmas. As you would imagine, from the venue, the trail was through the woods.  REALLY through the woods.  No path?  That didn't stand in the way of the hares, who themselves couldn't find the trail at times as we picked our way through undergrowth.  There we

Eastcliffe Car Park, Teignmouth - Bollards and Stix - 3rd Jan 2016

No new year’s resolution from Woodpecker or Fancy Liquor to turn up to the hash on time; but they still made it, although the pack were keen for a prompt start due to the wet weather.  The new year had dragged some new faces out including Wick Dipper, Mouldy Dick and family, Glow Worm and son, a Teignmouth resident (whose name I can’t recall) and Coat Check’s twin sister.  The trail headed through the town to the sea-front – complete with large cavity which Swinger knew all about, before heading up Eastcliff to the sweetie stop.  The rain had stopped and the sun was out by this time and the views over the coast were just about visible.  Onwards and upwards through a muddy field to the second long-short split after which the pack came back together to head down through a housing estate and onto the main road.  A check-back took the trail into Mules Park where there were a couple of fallers on the muddy bank, including Stingray and Coat Check’s sister, who was aptly named Skidmark in th