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Ullacombe Farm, Bovey Tracey - Coatcheck and King Louis - 26th June 2016

Ullacombe Farm was a new venue for City of Exeter Hash.  Perhaps that was why the majority of the pack turned up late?  At 11am there were only a handful of hashers in the car park, but over the next ten minutes the numbers doubled and continued to rise even after the trail had started.

Danes Wood - Fancy Licker - 19th June 2016

After last week's inflatable madness, it was back to normal, and a rather select group of hashers circled up at Dane's Wood.  A bunch of us were late arriving, including Rocky and I, beaten even by Mr "Always-comes-2-late" himself, Tampa.  There was a virgin, Wayne who'd helped Fancy Licker lay the trail - and she'd taught him everything she knew about hashing while laying yesterday!

Inflatable Hash - Tipton St John - Strapo and Swampy - 12th June 2016

The hash missed out on an inflatable hash last year, but it was back with a vengeance this weekend - thanks to Strapo and Swampy.  We met in Tipton St John, and there was the usual rush to pump up the inflatables.  There was also the a raft of innuendos about pumping too hard, getting the end in the right place... and so on.  Some had to pump manually, while others had electric aids!  Spocky, as usual won, the prize for the biggest inflatable - a double air mattress is quite an object to hash with! The trail took us upstream towards the footbridge and the old mill, along a narrow path with holly and barbed wire - not particularly suited to carrying our lilos, rings and fish.  I'm not sure whether Rocky popped his dragon along here or not, but it was looking very limp by the time we came out into the open again.  Then across the bridge and continued upstream to a beachy area where there was a regroup.  To the disappointment of the kids, there was no time to go paddling, and we qui

Upham's Plantation - A la Ronde and family - 5th June 2016

We hash so many times up on Woodbury Common, but today's trail really felt like we'd been somewhere different.  Although I'm sure much we had done before, it just felt like there were a few footpaths that were new to us. It was certainly a surprise to find the On-Home - and thats always a good sign of a great trail.