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Bridge Farm, Stoke Canon - Groucho - 24 July 2016

Words by Sorepoint this week. Mustering at Bridge Farm, Tampa was early!  This doesn't happen very often so thought it worth a mention.  Only late comers today were Woody and Kanga, but even they need practice, as were only a couple of mins late, the circle hadn't really started.


Hares are now required for September - that's the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th.  I can't make all the trails during August to "persuade" you in the normal way, so please volunteer by emailing me! On On Stix

Peak Hill, Sidmouth - Bullbait, Child Catcher and family - 17th July 2016

Shhhh.... don't wake Groucho - he's still asleep! This week's hash was to celebrate Stingray's birthday - its not for a couple of weeks yet, but he's very excited as he's going on a submarine!  Nothing quite so exciting today, but it was a brilliant, if not too-hot hash around Peak Hill.

Ellerhayes Bridge - Sorepoint and Paperwork - 10th July 2017

T he pack gathered at Ellerhayes Bridge just as the sun broke through the clouds, which led to some last minute application of sunscreen. The hares told us the trail was laid in flour, on the left apart from when it was on the right or in the middle. The pack split early, with the longs seeing an ultrasonic testing train, which sounds like something out of Thunderbirds. But they found their way back, following the drops lovingly placed on cow pats. Meanwhile the shorts were going wrong, too busy chatting to notice they hadn't spotted a drop for hundreds of yards.

The Obelisk, Mamhead - No Butts and Mouthful - 3rd July 2017

It was surprisingly quiet up at the Obelisk car park for a Sunday morning.  Apparentlyit was a little busier last night after our hares had finished laying the trail - with doggers, that is.  Groucho brought the pack together for the chalk-talk, promptly at 11 am.  Oddly, for City of Exeter, no one arrived late!  We welcomed Rambo back - with a t-shirt on - although this had disappeared by the sweetie stop.  The hares explained that it was a figure-of-eight trail, and also told us to look out for some campers: while laying, they took the trail along a path on which some lads' had pitched a tent.  They offered our hares a pint, but they refused apparently - not quite sure what kind of hashers they are!