Danes Wood - Child Catcher and Twin Peaks - 31 March 2019

Words by Speedy (and corrected by Stix)
  • Of course it was Mother’s Day!  But also Splat's birthday
  • Good to see Swinger back, and also HT2 and Endo, plus friend (sorry can't remember his hash name)
  • Lots of fields, and a bit of shiggy 
  • A long wait at the first regroup, where we decorated our shoes with sawdust and flour and flowers to make Splat's birthday cake
  • We ran past a farm holding its Lambing Sunday event. Lots of families there.  According to Stix when sheep conceive, they give birth 15 minutes later
  • Speedy boring everyone about his flat earth theories (again)
  • Son Of The Bits sprinted to the sweetie stop, after getting a free ride from Child catcher
  • When we set off on a long, Howling Wilf at the top of the hill said to Child Catcher “I can see 2 peaks with a hole in the middle” (This will probably win him stupidest quote of the year award): there is an implied meaning behind this quote!
  • Stix said that your number of nipples is equal to your number of testicles, this is true in most cases
  • 6 miles for the longs (including fishhooks)
In the circle Stix, Stingray and Speedy (also known as the three S’s) were fined for avoiding fishhooks, the Biz family were fined for nerd naming, and Splat was punished for 11 years of being alive, by drinking the hash's new brew (in front of several normal people). The brew was made of orange juice and what Spocky thought was Stix’s non-alcoholic pineapple drink, but was really one of his alcoholic beverages.

Bad news! Next week we are hashing from Joneys Cross (map), which unfortunately is being laid by Spocky. 
We will also be voting for hash of the month (which will probably go to Speedy and family because of their superb hash from Exeter University).


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