Joney's Cross - Spockybitz - 7th April 2019

  • Hash number 929 with 29 idiots in attendance
  • A sunny warm morning, but not as warm as it was when we left home
  • Having forgotten he was laying the trail last week, Spocky was still very relaxed about it this morning, and only arrived to lay it at 9.30. But then he realised that he'd forgotten his trainers, so had to go back home, and only had half an hour to lay!
  • Woodpecker arrived 5 mins early but Coffin and Imelda were late 
  • Bollards welcomed the hash but had a sore throat. Stix offered her something to suck on.
  • The unfortunate return of Paperwork for the summer, but great to see Sore Point
  • Rocky was splashing everybody in the puddles 
  • We went off road and jumped over gorges
  • The long/short split loop lost the longs, but they made it up by the time we got to the sweet stop 
  • We saw a man in camouflage taking pictures of the hot birds on the hash 
  • Woof Woof got stuck in a gorge, with Spocky running to the rescue of a damsel in distress, and Woodpecker did a ninja roll under barbed wire
  • Stix opened his legs for Tetley to pass (the dog).  But when it was Bull Baits turn, he said “I'm not opening my legs for that!”. Stix replied "Thats what Bollards says" ... quote of the week?
  • Just a 3 mile trail - but took 55 minutes
  • Fines went to Bull Bait for above; Woof Woof for cartwheeling into a gorge, and then asking for Spocky’s help 

Good news for all of you Woodbury commons fans, as next week we are at the Four Firs car park, laid by Belltoll (map).

At the end of the circle, we voted for the Trail of the Month (March), which, despite Speedy's best efforts, went to last week's hash from Danes Wood laid by Child Catcher and Twin Peaks.  That trail will join the Alphington hash by Blobby, and the Uphams Plantation trail by Woodpecker and Howlin' Wilf.


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