Four Firs - Belltoll - 14th April 2019

  • R*n number 930
  • Everybody was on time, apart from  Belltoll who only just made it back in time for the start of the trail.
  • Ben the dog was very excited about the hash
  • Belltoll was wearing latex gloves because he likes the feel of them.
  • Bull Bait and Spocky were the only ones silly enough to be wearing shorts
  • Very cold and windy
  • We first ran along the dusty paths of Woodbury Common until we came to a back check and struggled to find the trail.
  • Wide always seemed to be miles ahead.
  • Bollards and Twin Peaks laid down their hand bags to go for a wee together (see photo below)
  • We came to our first long short through the woods
  • The hills were icy and cold
  • Stix took the wimps route over the stream (he went over the bridge when he was meant to go through the stream)
  • Bullbait mislead Speedy into a deep puddle, after which his shoes nearly fell apart.
  • Sheriff Peaks dissed out some fines to all the ill-behaved peeps on da hash. 
  • Speedy, Woof Woof and I got fined for r*nning through a cross on a bridge apparently.
  • 5.4 miles long and not laid in half an hour
Next week we're at Haldon Belevdere (map) for an Easter Eggtravaganza hared by Wide Receiver. Please wear bunny ears, an they'll be an Easter Egg Hunt

Bollards and Twin Peaks going for a wee


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