Haldon Belvedere *Easter Sunday* - Wide Receiver - 21st April 2019

This week it was the Easter special and was laid by Wide Receiver from Haldon. When the circle was gathered everyone cracked out the Easter yokes, which nobody was pleased for.

First, Wide Receiver put us into 6 teams and gave us each an egg!  When the team got to a check the egg had to be passed on to another team member.  He explained a bit about the EGG markings (Easter gathering games) that we would find on the hash, and how we had to carry around the egg for the entire r*n, which - when the end of the hash came round - the winner would be the team who's egg had the least damage.

At an early check, Swinger (blue team) gave the egg to Chardonnay (on a different team) and then smashed the blue teams egg into shatters.  But Speedy picked up the pieces and carried them on!

We went up to the castle where Spocky and X-bits were married. Then we got to the first EGG and it was an egg and spoon race with a twist as the person holding the egg and spoon was on another team members back. Disappointingly no one’s egg cracked.

Stix spent the rest of the trail decorating the remains of the blue team's egg with flowers.

Sadly, no one else's egg broke on the journey to the sweetie stop. Now the EGG challenge was to find as many corresponding coloured eggs to your team as possible. The stuff inside the eggs were sweets and chocolate. Many people tried to sneak there real eggs into the plastic shells, but Wide receiver had to spoil their fun by asking for all the plastic ones back .

After we departed the sweetie stop, we made are way to the final EGG challenge which was to throw there egg to another team member. If the first throws were successful, they had to take a step back. The last person left after everyone else’s had cracked was Spocky and when he did the final catch, he broke it, and declared “it was my ring that cracked it”. The trail continued with his sad walk of shame.

By the end there was one half egg left and believe it or not its was the blue team - it looked more like a flower pot than and egg but Wide Receiver refused to let them win the award.

Once the fines were awarded (most of the pack for sitting down, and Twin Peaks for leaving her book behind), Groucho received his 'Life President' hoodie (at last!), and the hash sung happy birthday to Total Eclipse and Stix.  Speedy made a very special lumpy drink for the down downs. 

Next week we're at Mutters Moor (Peak Hill), map

Opening circle

Wide explaining the very complicated rules

Just a nice photo!


The blue team's smashed egg

From destruction, a new life emerges (it is Easter afer all) - Stix's decoration of the damaged egg

Sweetie stop and egg hunt

Egg catching!  What a face!!

Caught, but smashed against his ring

Lovely view!

The remains of the blue-team's egg

Groucho wearing his new life-president hoodie, celebrating with the old guys!


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