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Hash Coronacircle #11 - Sunday's theme

This week is all about TIME because in 1859 – the clock tower at the Houses of Parliament, which houses Big Ben, starts keeping time. So bring your favourite clock, watch, or make you own. Alternatively, if your name is Ben and you're Big, then you're already sorted. Be imaginative, and be on time, 11.05

Hash Coronacircle #10 - 24th May 2020

First of all, sorry for taking a photo of Tight's cleavage! And Ménage was in his garden, hence the photo of the tree.  It had taken Brains and Tampa about half an hour on the technical support line to Coffin, but they made it eventually. Tampa had a birthday beer, but he had gone mute, or at least his microphone had, so we couldn't hear him. But we sang happy birthday in the normal hashing way. Rocky and I were in Cockwood, and Tight and Wide were at Coryton Cove, where they made him a birthday cake (see below). Good to see Spocky and Xbitz too, although they arrived in typical Tampa style - late!  On on to next week!  Maybe there will be a change in socialising rules on Thursday, but currently the company covering the hash insurance has cancelled cover, so we need to think carefully if we want to resume anytime soon. As Tampa has already pointed out, that might mean private land with permissive access is not permitted e.g. Woodbury Common.

Hash Coronacircle #10 - The theme is TAMPA!

Its the 10th hash Coronacircle on Sunday, and the theme, chosen by Wide and Tight, will be TAMPA because it was his birthday this week. We're missing his BBQ, but we can still wish him a hashy birthday. So come with black jelly babies, or any other item that is 71 years old.  Or just arrive about 15 minutes later than everyone else! Join on the usual link at 11.05. On on Stix

Hash Coronacircle #9 - 17 May 2020

This week's theme was to join the circle from where different. And if there was a competition, then Wide & Tight write have won by miles. Sadly they disappeared before I remembered to take a hash flash, but they looked fantastic in their wetsuits on their pair boards. They were near Langstone Rock near Dawlish, on their own private bay. Although I'm not entirely sure that Tight was fully on board with the whole paddle board idea... But an amazing effort by #TeamWideandTight. Please send on some photos! We (Stix, Speedy and Rocky) joined the circle from the banks of the Exe Estuary, and Coffin from as far as she could get from her house on the WiFi! Somehow next week's theme was suggesteD to be 'Vegan Jam'. Although, as alternative, we could stick with the outside theme and go for 'BBQ', or 'get as high as you can'. It is the week that would have been Tampa's birthday trail, so 'Tampa' could be the theme?? I think #TeamWideandTight sho

Hash Coronacircle #9

Tomorrow's Coronacircle theme: Join the circle from somewhere exciting and different, i.e. make the most of opportunity to travel or exercise away from your house. Although you might choose instead to join the circle from a different location from within your house or garden. Or just pretend! See you tomorrow 11.05

Hash Coronacircle #8 - 9th May 2020

First I apologise, I forgot to take a hash flash! Especially as not recording a photo of Woodpecker, only nose up, with his glasses on, was an opportunity missed. He was keen to join us for the first time to tell stories of a 10 year old on VE Day. Anyway he said that VJ day was at least an equally big celebration and had volunteered to lay the trail in 14 months time.  Wide and Tight had again put in a massive effort with their gramaphone playing 1940s music, they were all dressed up in clothing from the era, and had prepared a picnic for us all with carefully chosen drinks! Xbitz had put in her Victory Rolls, and there were Union Jack's draped across Bell Toll and washing lines (BB&CC). Blobby got out the family antiques, we saw spitfires on Boots' wall, and heard memories of rationing from Oddbitz. Speedy had made scones, which he had tried to colour blue using for colouring, but they just looked mouldy. The plan was to add white cream and red jam. Then we had a good loo

Hash Coronacircle #8 - VE day

"We'll meet again" for the 8th Hash Coronacircle on Sunday at 11.05. This week's theme will be celebrating the end of the second world war in Europe.  So think garden parties, bunting, red arrows, red-white-blue. And perhaps we should raise a glass as part of the Nation's Toast (which should have taken place in pubs across the UK) in recognising all those who put their lives in the line.  ON ON

Hash Coronacircle #7 - 3rd May 2020

The theme this week was Summer Holidays, but first it was more important to wish Itzybitz a very happy 12th birthday!   In other news, Boots had managed to drag out his Rocky golden shorts that he with at the Autumn Gathering many years ago.! Speedy and I had spent the best part of an hour setting up the beach in our living room. The mobile was our web cam, set up as an IP camera so that I could select it in on my laptop and it was held in a tripod on the foostool on the sofa and zoomed in to the tv. The TV had a beach app loaded on to the fire stick, and the laptop positioned close enough to us so that the microphone was able to pick us up. Anyway, you don't need to know that, but it kind of worked (see below). The were a few discussions about what we'd all been doing in the last week, and the various types of 'exercise'. Wobbly walked to the seafront where she lost her legs!  Then it was time to talk holidays, and the big reveal from Wide and Tight.  Wide was w

Hash Coronacircle #7

This week's theme is SUMMER HOLIDAYS! Bring cocktails and wear your bikinis. See you tomorrow (Sunday) at 11.05