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Pynes Hill, Exeter - Stix and Speedy - 26th Sept 2021

Today's trail was laid by Speedy and I, and we'd put the marks down yesterday. Exeter Chiefs we're playing, so we thought we'd cycle to Sandy Park and lay the second half of the trail up to Pynes Hill, and then the first part back to Sandy Park. Turns out that Sandy Park was almost exactly half way round, so the sweety stop was optimally positioned there! Speedy wasn't very pleased with me marking a big SS on the ground and hiding a bag of sweets in the hedge just as the fans were gathering. But it was all still there for the trail! So despite parking on the edge of Ludwell Valley Park, we didn't use much of it. Blobby was happy as this means he can use the area for his next hash! The trail was basically a loop around Tesco's and IKEA, and certainly took in some paths we haven't used for a long time. Then a few of us went back to the Royal Oak in Exminster for a beer and food afterwards, and to see and thank Speedy for the trail. Next week we're at t

Exmouth - Wobbly and Oddbitz - 19th Sept

Hot Hot Hot! 5.5miles for the Longs with a 3 and on trail. Laid in flour and (when you can find it) Green chalk. Tampa, Mad Max and Brillo missing from the pic (apparently got lost!!) Great fun running around the Muff and having the local FB page thinking we were after there dogs or pikey's eyeing up there out of date curtains 🤔. One even suggested we should use different markings!! Doughnuts!!!! 🍩 lovely BBQ afterwards and much thanks to our hare Sandra Ritchie for the trail. The food was cooked to perfection by the best BBQ'er in town. Onon to next week from Pynes Hill, Exeter EX2 5SE

Updated City of Exeter H3 hash diary

The hash diary has been updated: Sep 26, 2021 11:00AM City of Exeter Hash, Pynes Hill, Stix See for full details On On City of Exeter H3

Double Locks - Stix 'n' Speedy - 5 Sept 2021

Today's trail was laid by yours truly and Speedy. We welcomed back Bloody Mary who hasn't hashed with us since 2005! I'd like to say that she doesn't look a day older...  (actually I want hashing with CoE then so I wouldn't know).  The trail started with by crossing the canal and a loop around the fish ponds. A long took the FRBs across the old sports field and close to the development of the new station.  Then back across the wibbly wobbly narrow bridge, and around the allotments, another long loop, before going across the flood channel and a sweetie stop tucked in close to the river in the woods.  From here I tried to cut Coffin and family short by apparently trying to send them straight across the river.  But the rest of the pack went across the suspension bridge and in to Belle Isle park. Speedy laid a long loop here, which combined with a fish-hook meant that the longs (Paperwork, Wide and Bollards) got very confused - no change there, and it slowed

Bookings for Autumn Gathering now OPEN

The Autumn Gathering is back for 2021. For details and how to apply for places see the flyer here .