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Hash on 2 Sept

Hash from Poachers Ide on 2nd Sept. Part two of hash from last September. OD at Poachers Sunday lunch from 8.95 children 6.95. Please let me know if you want to eat so I can reserve On On Blobby

Sunday's trail

Please bring some food to share on Sunday, for the hash laid by Wide and Tight in Kingsteignton to celebrate Wide and Spocky's birthdays

Hash diary dates for September - hot off the press!

Here's the City of Exeter Hash diary dates for September!

Sun 2 Sept 11.00
Poachers Inn, Ide EX2 9RW (SX899902) [Blobhoblin]

Sun 9 Sept 11.00
Cranbrook Education Campus EX5 7EE (SY014959) [English Muffin, Cup Cake and Baby Bean]

Sun 16 Sept, 11.00
Bridge Farm, Stoke Canon EX5 4EE (SX938973) OD Stoke Canon Inn  [Groucho]

Sun 23 Sept, 11.00
Whimple Railway Station EX5 2QH (SY045973) [Spockybitz]

Sun 30 Sept, 11.00
Spinney Close, Exeter EX2 5PE (SX950916) [Hole-in-1]
On On Stix

Salcombe Hill - Strapo and Swampy - 19th August 2018

Apparently Strapo doesn't plan trails!  That might explain a few things...!  The locals certainly hadn't planned for City of Exeter H3 to turn up in force; the small car park was a hectic mix of hashers and doggers when we arrived.   Hole-in-1 even put on her teacher's voice and asked a newly arrived car to budge up a bit to make parking more efficient.    In fact we thought that without the Bitzs and Child Baits, numbers were going to be low.  Strapo was worrying that he'd not bought enough sweets - but as we were to find out later, he had actually scoffed one of the packs himself while laying.  It was also good to see the hare t-shirts back, and Paperwork also decided to wear orange!
Setting off more than 10 minutes late, we still passed Dobby arriving late.  The trail went down the road, which seemed like far-too-far - given we were going to be coming back up sometime soon.  Then we took the path behind the observatory, through some woods and the long went into a …

George V playing fields, Exeter - Stix - 12th Aug 2018

Just 11 of us on this week's trail - not very surprising really given the holiday season and the overnight rain.  But we certainly represented the quality of the hash, if not quantity! We welcomed Skylark from London, who had been invited by Sorepoint to the A2B hash yesterday, and joined us today while he was in the county. 
It was my lay, and I'd been out since 9.30 in the rain, but was flummoxed laying the final bit because Mill Road - the lane the follows the river - was closed. So arrived in the car park, looking like a drowned rat, a few minutes after 11.  
I took the trail towards Bridge Road, knowing that since its one-way, no-one would spot the marks on their way in. But I had to be carefully to kick out any marks from Isca's hash the previous Wednesday. The trail went up the dual carriage way then onto the playing fields, while I cut the walkers short.   Back together, we made our way up onto Topsham Road, then into Ludwell Valley park.  We nearly lost Belltoll thr…


Hares needed for 23rd and 30th September please!
Next week (12th) we are hashing from King George V Playing Fields in Countess Wear, Exeter.  Note: We will meet at the car park on Countess Wear Road NOT the one behind the Beefeater. Take School Lane (off Topsham Road) towards the Tally Ho!. 

Blackbury Camp hash - 29 July 2018 - Sorepoint and Paperwork

Words by Tampa...A small turnout for blackbury camp only 10 +1 late comer[woodpeker]. A loop around the hill fort a short bit of road and off into the woods. Down a long way to a stream and up again the other side of the valley. Lots of ups and downs through new territory for most of us. Small pack means lots of sweets. 3 long short splits 4.5 miles a good hash thank you Paperwork and Sorepoint.