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Hash Coronacircle #6 - 26 April 2020

We were looking forward to what we were each going to do after lockdown this week. Obviously Xbitz is just going to hug everyone, and get her bikini line done. Similarly I had some rather bushy eyebrows that desperately need professional attention. Belltoll and Ménage were both looking forward to drinking at a pub (although that hasn't stopped Ménage continuing to drink at home). Wide had his toy cars ready and his suit on to go back to work. And Tight came with her tennis racquet in her pink tennis dress! Sorry I can't remember any others!! On on to next week, when the theme will be Summer Holidays! (It's ok, I cleaned the permanent marker off my eyebrows with bleach...)

Hash Cornacircle #6 tomorrow!

Can't believe it's been 6 weeks without a hash? So tomorrow's theme is "the first thing you're going to do after the lockdown"! 
Sunday 11.05

Hash Cornacircle Number 5 - 19th April 2020

This week's words by Speedy.
Today's online hash was hosted from the Stix household, this was because Stix has just had a birthday is now just 5 years from 50, yes that is right he is now 55! Hence today’s challenge was to bring Stix a birthday present, which speedy would score. But first there was the usual tuneful rendition of Happy Birthday while Stix drank his beer.
• Stix was wearing his awesome birthday hat made by Speedy, and birthday balloons in the lounge • Odd Bits brought a toilet roll holder, because Stix had previously worn on his head on the first online hash circle. • Wide amazingly got a tattoo of Stix with his long hair from the 90s, and half a bottle of expensive gin • X bits got Stix a hungry caterpillar book with the word Stix written on it • Child Catcher and bull bait where making a cake • Bull bait was making him a coffee with his stove top maker
• Ménage made him a lamb curry • Blobby got him a bottle of gin and a smarties Easter egg, but someone had managed to …

Hash Coronacircle #5

I was struggling to come up with a theme for tomorrow's circle, then I remembered it's my birthday! So please come with something that I might like as a present.  You don't actually have to give it to me, of course. And remember, keep it clean, it's a family hash! 
See you tomorrow, 11.05

Easter Hash Coronacircle 12 April 2020

Another Sunday without a hash, but #teamwideandtight provided the Easter Egg hunt with Eggs distributed around their home. Thanks to them both for preparing that. They also came with ears on! Splat had some painted eggs, Speedy had a drone carrying an Easter egg with Stix's photo, Ménage didn't have a drink and Spocky was busy with his chopper. Good to see Stingray briefly, and to hear about Child Catcher's personal pipette. Happy Lockdown Easter! On on to Boots' hash quiz on Friday at 7.30.

Easter Hash Coronacircle

Eggpect a eggstra special eggvent on Sunday. Wide and Tight will be hosting a Easter Egg Suprise around their house.  On On to the fourth Hash Coronacircle at 11.05 on Sunday.

Hash Coronacircle #3 - 5 April 2020

Todays challenge was to where something on your head, this was shown through a variety of different methods, including masks, traditional hats, sunglasses and the obvious one, ball bags.
• Most of us had logged on by 11:05 except for Woodpecker for reasons that will be explained later. • Ménage was already drinking by the time that we had started. • People had logged on to see Stix with some toilet paper strapped to his head • We circled up and explained what each of our items on our head was • Rocky wore a scrum cap • Spocky wore some sunglasses • Bollards wore a concreate baby blanket • Odd Bits wore a jester hat • Wobbly Bits wore a Japanese head band • Wide wore sort of mask • Tight wore a onesie • Sorepoint had a tea cosy • paperwork had punk hair • A little moist had a hat I think!! And so did Woody... Not very original!! • Speedy wore a basketball net with balls in it which he described as a “ball bag”. To which someone said “look speedy has got a ball bag on his head” • Splat had a ping pong …

Hash Coronacircle #3

Circling up again tomorrow Sunday at 11.05.

The theme for this week is 'Come with something on your head'.
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