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26 April - Peak Hill CP, Sidmouth - Slipshod

Twenty-six hashers appeared for todays hash. The Virgin hare was Slipshod, his first trail or was it a trial? We were given the usual instructions and in the absence of the sheriff and the deputy sheriff, Twin Peaks was appointed as "double-d" sheriff (deputy-deputy sheriff!). Many had a comment to make about the double-d sheriff but said nothing for fear of being fined. The hash were off down a very steep decline to a check which it was soon discovered would take us back uphill. Many struggled with the instant climb with no chance to get their breathing in tune (nothing to do with not being fine athletes of course!). It was like climbing Everest or better named Never Rest. Still, being made of strong stuff the hash plodded on as only hashers can, finally reaching a long/short split which was greeted with joy by the back markers. The shorts struggled to find which dots were current as there seemed to be left-overs from the Thursday night Otter Valley hash. It must ha


Congratulations to Twice Daily who completed the London Marathon at the weekend in a very respectable 3hrs 36mins 7secs. Bit fast for a hasher I reckon!!! Well done Twice Daily.

19th April - Ashclyst Forest - Groucho

It was another sunny day that welcomed the hashers at Ashclyst Forest with Groucho as the hare. The words "forest" and "Groucho" in the same sentence should give you an indication of how the hash was going to fare! A cosy turn out of 11 hashers but despite this there was an abundance of nonsense as usual. The pre-hash conversation was launched into confusion as Tail Lamp initiated a random conversation about it being the longest day of the year. Twin Peaks had to point out that this wasnt until June?! Spocky Bitz mentioned he was planning a trip to Thorpe Park to which Tail Lamp again confused the group asking "oh - are you visiting Thorpe Park today?" Umm, no, it's in Surrey so that may be a tall order as Spocky was still in Devon at 11am? How long did Tail Lamp think the "longest day" is? It was certainly going to be a long day for Tail Lamp. On this note, Groucho called the hashers to "circle up" despite the fact that the group

12th April - Four Firs - Tampa

We were blessed with both sunshine and thirty plus hashers, the only thing missing at 11.00 (our deadline for starting) was the hare. Several views were expressed as to the whereabouts of the hare, when Tampa suddenly appeared from behind a gorse bush looking both hot and sweaty. At least he was there which was greeted by many sighs of relief. Our hare informed us that there would be several Easter Egg checks, plus an "Egg Event" has halt involving games with real eggs. We set off and within 5 minutes reached the first egg check. Whoever the hasher was to find the egg kept it which caused the odd scramble. Off once more with one hasher heard to remark "its boiling today". What they were refering too heaven knows, egg on the brain perhaps?! After several more checks we arrived at the Egg Event hash halt and our Egg-traordinary Challenge:- The Great Egg Throwing Contest. Working with a partner, the idea was that you throw the egg, (in this case real eggs not the cho

5th April - Danes Wood, Killerton - Bag Lady + Twin Peaks

Summer has almost arrived we thought as we gathered in the car park in the sunshine. Over 20 again and a few new faces too. After a couple of late arrivals (Tampa) we received our instructions and set off. This first bit o the hash was to prove a little tricky as the dots were quite spread out. After calling on on the next dot took a while to be found as did the next and the next. Eventually we were onto check. New boy Stains was heard to say as he ran off at the front, 'what is it we're looking for?' Top marks for enthusiasm. We ran through some fields before onto a hash halt before the field of cows. Here the hare asked us to walk and stick together through the next short stretch because of the livestock. I think this is the only time I have EVER seen Radiohead walk........and Tail Lamp keeping up with him! On up the track where we crossed over the road into Killerton. We circumnavigated the lake, some cheats not quite all the way.....sheriff!!!!!! Then headed up the hil