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24th May - Tampas 60th Birthday Hash - Tampa

Happy birthday Tampa. On behalf of all City of Exeter hashers, thanks for a great barbeque and trail with an abundance of sunshine laid on too! Perfect! xx I hope you enjoy the blog this week, thought we'd have something different for this occasion. PS Don't forget to have the volume on, on your computer!

17th May - Stowford Cross - Groucho + Spiggy

For the early birds at todays hash, Howling Wilf informed us that he has come to be the carer of, wait for it a FERRET, thinking of last week's blog do all potential spies need a ferret? Anyway this creature was found in or around Howling Wilf's environment, so if you have lost a ferret contact Howling. Well so much for summer is a coming, perhaps its been cancelled judging by todays weather, lovely if you like water! Anyway, thirty-one persons turned up to get wet. Groucho seemed to take an age once the circle up was called, spending time guiding is son, T mouse, to the venue via modern technology which the sheriff didn't spot. (No because he was late!) After about five minutes we set off at varying speeds as per usual, although Tuned In did have a good excuse, body condition, rumour had it that she had been stung by a rather big bumble bee around her stomach area, but Radiohead suggested it was no bee sting, he should know as husband of the poor Tuned In (and she had swin

10th May - 400th run, The Maer, Exmouth - Spocky Bitz

What a result from only up to 6 hashers per hash in 2001, today there were over 35+ for todays hash, great to know that now in 2009 City Of Exeter HHH is alive and still running (unlike some of the hashers!) Thanks for all of your support helping us to reach this historical moment. Spockybitz was the hash hare and meister today how upon our arrival had noticed some strange behaviour by Radiohead which involved his running across straight into the toilet block running out again and disappearing again into the distance, most odd! He, Radiohead, did return armed to the arm-pits with various picnic objects. Spockybitz informed us that there would be two hashes, a junior version of about 15 minutes for the wee hashers followed by the Full Monty. The Sherriff had his black book out within minutes fining amongst others Tampa and Isoceles for short cutting on a junior hash, whatever next ! Late arrivals giving various reasons for their delay greeted us upon our return from the junior hash. Of

3rd May - Uphams Plantation CP - Howling Wilf

There he was sitting in the car boot of his car, our hare, one Mr Howling Wilf, drinking a cup of coffee, he appeared at first glance to be in a oasis of calm. We soon put a stop to that. Gradually more hashers trickled into the car park until we called to circle up, by which time we had over 20+ all hanging on to the hare's every word, well they were hanging around anyway. Chad set off at a blistering pace, most of us just followed the dust trail that was left in his wake. However upon reaching the first check there was Chad lost and confused, as luck would have it a very eagle eyed hasher soon found the trail as we headed through to woods, very pleasant they were too. They had however, rumour has it, been reading Woodpeckers Book of Cunning and created hash havoc several times as his band of pilgrims continued to lose the trail. At last we reached the top of what seemed like Mount Everest to be greeted with a long/short split, both routes involved more climbing with several hashe


I would just like to say a big thankyou to all those who gave me a hard time for not having done the blog this week. Don't you know how very busy and important I am!! My lame excuse is that I am making a wedding cake for someone and have been up to my eyeballs in sugar flowers and cake mix!! Hopefully normal service will be resumed when I can be arsed! On On from a VERY hormonal Tuned In (pick on me at your peril!!!!)