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24th January - Warren CP, Woodbury Common - Tampa

Well well, who would have believed it but for some strange reason no fewer then thirty-seven hashers of various sizes, ages and abilities turned up today. We didn't realise that our hare, Tampa, had such a strong fan base, what on earth is going on?! Poor old Spockybitz was dashing around the car park getting subs, checking names, he was exhausted before he started, maybe the world of admin gives him a burst of energy. The other problem was finding spaces for all the cars with many hashers parking at at strange angles, except for one, Up Yours was given acres of space in which to complete her 27 point turn. Stat-Nav was even standing in front of his car as Up Yours entered the parking arena, or was it a circus. At last we were off but straight away someone noticed the hare was carrying a handbag, whatever next, one pink handbag for the previous weeks hash hooligan is acceptable but two needed reporting, the sheriff was of course made aware of the situation. Within minutes we came

17th January - The Twisted Oak, Ide - Blobhoblin

Well over 20 hashers gathered in the car park on this lovely sunny day, a very bizarre contrast to last weeks snowy hash. In the hash circle we were given some very odd instructions by the hare. It was to be a wet hash and by purchasing 'get out of water free' cards from our sheriff, we could avoid the water! Also there were 2 sweetie stops, which attracted a cheer from the hashers, but they were sweetie stops with a difference, all would be revealed on the hash. We welcomed some new hashers today, one of whom was Horny Womans daughter, some visitors from Otter Valley Hash and the return of Flat Foot and Down Below the latter having been in Australia for a while. After checking it out On On was then called to the first water obstacle. The cheats among us went up over the bridge across the main road, the brave souls apparently ended up going through the tunnel that went under the main road, after going through the stream first though! At the check we went up through the vill

10th January - Core Copse - Chip Shop

Well our hare Slipshod, (I still think our Sheriffs adaptation of the name to Chip Shop is far better, let me know if you agree? ED), certainly pulled out all of the stops for today's run having spent some of Saturday and three hours today laying the trail and what a trail it turned out to be. Seventeen hashers braved the winter elements and arrived today dressed for the occasion in a variety of colourful winter garments with hats to match, what a sight they looked as they stood on parade in the circle, whilst five hash hounds just wandered around in their normal attire, just fur, as if they were thinking these hashers are barking mad. Anyway back in the human world the hare explained his trail, he went into great detail regarding how the route was marked, informing us that he had laid three quarters of it using sawdust the final quarter laid with snow. Snow! The whole area had received a carpet of snow so how does that work the pack asked sounding like choir. Then the hare revea

3rd January - Stoke Woods - Groucho

Seeing fellow hashers appearing today was as interesting as the hash, as those arriving by car had the experience of trying to drive up a very slippery hill in order to park their vehicles. Blobhoblin decided once he had parked up to place logs under his car as he'd experienced slippage once he had stopped, in Blob speak this means he noticed his car starting to skate downhill. Next Geronimo entered the car par arena where launched himself into a 27 point turn with a touch of nudge to finish, the nudge being to touch the Blobhoblin vehicle. Once in the circle Geronimo denied all knowledge of the parking offence, the sheriff was having none of it,ten pence fine was the order of the day. Finally last to arrive was Isoceles would adopted the more direct approach sandwiching his machine between two cars and then fiding it difficult to open the car door. Finally all twenty hashers were off, but only for ten metres where they then encountered the first check, at this point Radiohead wen

27th December - Joneys Cross - Tampa

A good gathering of hashers arrived at Joneys Cross to try and shake off the excesses of Christmas. Twin Peaks looked chirpy (unusual), Fruity was looking Fruity, Ring Piece was looking hungover and Stat Nav was looking nervous as he'd agreed to run back to Lympstone after the hash with the legend that is Radiohead (guess who wrote this blog - ED). We circled up while Tampa gave his excuses that he'd been unwell so had some help from Coffin and The Snail (I think that was his name?) laying the hash. Off they all went on this freezing and wet morning. The usual FRB's led the way and they soon hit the first long/ short split. This was good for the knitting circle at the back, today consisting of Tuned In, Ring Piece, Fruity Bitz and Chesty, not forgetting Radio Gaga, giving them an opportunity to catch up on Christmas gossip. The longs followed a devious trail which twisted and turned mercilessly. Chip Shop and Stat nav were up front sporting their lycra get-up, probably C