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25th April - Newton Poppleford - Stat Nav and Radiohead

On arriving at the car park on this somewhat dull day, most of us had to do laps of Newton Pop to find anywhere to park. It would appear some ramblers had chosen this as their rendez-vous point too. Eventually we all gathered together though to receive our instructions. Stat Nav promised long/short/walkers splits, laid in flour on the right but sometimes left and most importantly, a sweetie stop! On on we were shown, down past the church and onto a small path across the main road. Onto a check where Spud-U-Like was loitering waiting to hear a call. As we were called on Tuned In was seen to be overtaking Radiohead! He must be losing his touch! We emerged out onto the country lanes to be greeted with a bit of a slog up a hill that seemed to go on forever. There was a fish hook here for 3 but as Radiohead was 4th they didn't have far to return. Onto a woodland trail now and the first of the splits. Twin Peaks, Sorepoint and Paperwork surprisingly doing the long after yesterdays hal

Sunday 18th April - Squabmoor Reservoir - Spocky Bitz

The car park at Squabmoor had been literally invaded by hashers, leaving no room for any normal people to park. Spocky called the group together and provided them with the instructions for the hash, and added that he had also arranged the lovely weather. (friends in high places, Spocky?). Woodpecker arriving fashionably late pulled into the car park, to which Spocky declared "it must be quarter past, Woodpecker has arrived". If we weren't convinced of the time already we were soon to get our second confirmation....5 mins after Woodpecker, in rolls Tampa. "It must be 20 past now!" exclaimed the hashers in unison. ...but they weren't the last to arrive!! (more about that later). On On, across the road and towards a crafty left turn over the bank, and on to what can only be described as a Spocky assault course. Through woods, balancing across fallen tree trunks, jumping streams, through a tunnel and finally up a bank to the first regroup. From here it was

Sun 11th April 2010 - Frying Pans - Blobhoblin

Well we all gathered at the usual time but not so usual place. Most of us had arrived but many had trouble finding the car park. Dynamo had found the car park but lost her friends and by missing the start of the hash set a new record as the fast recorded time for losing a hasher. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde arrived late with Tree Creeper and Martial Farts but thankfully hadn't gone to Exmouth on this occasion. However, Dr Jekyll did try pre-paying her anticipated fine for being late, but was later rumbled as this was infact paying off an outstanding debt!! After a quick brief from the hare the intrepid hashers were sent on their way. Within 20 meters the entire hash was going the wrong way!! Well done City of Exeter!! The hare pointed us in the right direction and we were all off again. Across the road and up alongside the quarry. At the long - short split Woodpecker decided to show the group the guile and experience to be gained after 40 years hashing by taking the short. "Where

4th April - Joneys Cross - Tampa

23 hashers gathered in the spring sunshine and the wintry wind! It was noted that Tampa was on time for the hash for the 2nd week running. The same could not be said for Woodpecker who arrived at 7 minutes past....exactly. Tampa was also keen to point out that he'd managed to keep his feet dry thoughout laying the hash, then promptly stepped in quite a large puddle much to Spockys amusement, but that wasn't half as funny as when Spocky then stepped back into aforementioned puddle! The hare gave us our instructions which today included a health and safety notice, the ground was so dry there must no smoking on the hash. It was also 3 and on, with no sweeties however the Easter bunny had visited. We were pointed in the direction of 'on to check' but the all set off in the wrong direction. This was where Radiohead was to perform his first cheat of the day, he followed a false trail and and instead of coming back to follow the others he just waited at the check he'd f