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21st November - Joint hash with Taunton H3, Bowd Inn, Woodpecker

Mr Woodpecker, todays hare certainly produced a hash to remember, combining with Taunton H3 to swell our numbers to over fifty+.Our hare informed us that today the hash will be a" normal hash" withno long/short splits no fish hooks and only two hash halts. Having explained the usual markings he sent the whole pack over the main A3052 road to our first check next to a farm track, most of the pack headed up the farm track only to be told by the farmer that we couldn't go via his land. In fact we, most of the pack, were indeed on -on the correct trail. After a couple of minutes our hare appeared by which time PP had looked fondly at the farmer and her fell for his charms, we were on our way, but not before Handsome had suggested that all the women line up behind PP. Woodpecker had spoken to a farmer via the telephone the only problem was it was in fact the wrong farmer.Once on our we all faced a climb up the Devon Alps, the was probably getting thinner as we climbed judging

14th November - Pine Ridge CP - Spocky Bitz

Will is this a first, a hare laying a trail on a bike, then following the pack on a bike,well Spockybitz achieved this honour for todays hash. He supplied loads of slippy banks, large pudddles, generally wet sums it up.Twenty-five galliant hashers still turned up even though the r ain was raining and the wind was windy, they must be mad ! The start of the hash was more like a hop,slip and jump course due to the state of the terrain it was a case how long until your trainers are full of water. The hare had put in two long/short splits the first of which was rather challenging so Twin Peaks informed me who took a good five minutes to recover, how quiet she was, most unusual, however once she got her second wind things returned to normal.Stat-Nav also had the signs of this "challenging "long, he looked like he had suffered a period of time in a turish bath, he was covered in sweat.Radiohead was fit for purpose today carrying Radio Gaga on his back although he did occasionally b

7th November - Haldon Belvedere - Stat Nav

Cars start filling up the rather small car park and new hashers arriving check to see who they can block in, and which cars belong to "normal people" and therefore need to be able to get out. We are, infact, honoured that the hare was there at all, as he had been planning to set from the wrong car park (the one that costs £2 for the privilege of a bit of tarmac) until a chance remark to Tuned-In had him scuttling around to change the route to fit in with the correct, advertised car park. New rules set by the Rangers mean that we are supposed to pay a levy if there is an organised group of more than 15 using the forest, so instructions were given to split up, look inconspicuous and claim we were ramblers, if questioned at all en-route. Also a Long Short split was cunningly planned for just before the aforementioned car park so we wouldn't all go through together, and no calling please! This was to prove problematic later, but more of that later. Off we went into the wo

31st October - Keepers Cottage - Groucho + Twin Peaks

Well before the hash had even started it was like a mudbath as we all tried to park our cars in the bogginess. Poor Groucho and Twin Peaks had been laying the hash in the earlier downpours.Tuned In was greeted with much more enthusiasm than usual, ah yes, that was because in The Bitz' absence she had brought the beer. We had some visitors from Kirton hash, unfortunately the only name I remember was sorry, it was Dents! They also brought with them a couple of hash hounds. After calling the rabble to order, Groucho gave us all the usual info and sent us on our way. The Kirton hashers, clearly not familiar with a C of E hash, let alone a Groucho one, set off at a rate of knots, promptly coming accross a back check. One Tuned In had found the trail and called it (yes I know.....a miracle) they all followed only to run straight into the first of many fish hooks. After more of the same we started our descent, and kept going down hill further and further. There was some co