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May 8th - Obelisk CP, Haldon - Groucho

As the hashers arrived, by bike and car, we were all amazed as Woodpecker drove in the car park ON TIME! Apparently she was followed by Dr Jekyll who had no idea where she was going. Groucho gave us our instructions with a few excuses as to why it was two and on and that one of the long, short splits needed to be expained when we got to it???!!! This could be interesting! On On and soon we had the first long, short split. The short cutting through the undergrowth and arriving out on a nice long flat track where we all met at the regroup. It was at this point the one of the first fines of the day was noted, namely X Bitz wearing her t-shirt inside out! But why? you may ask, well, because it has SPOCKY BITZ on said t-shirt.......impersonating another hasher, tut tut! Again we split into long, shorts with the shorts having not seen any flour for a while, eventually coming across another check, was Groucho economising with his flour? At the check, with Puss, Tampa and X Bitz checking, it w

May 1st - Uphams Plantation - Radiohead

Over 30 hashers gathered for the trail laying return of Radiohead. We welcomed visitors including Cousteau, Dirtband and No Name of OVH3. While Radiohead was giving hash instructions in the circle poor little Radio Gaga headed for his voice, only to find on grabbing a pair of legs, that when she looked up in wasn't actually daddy.....or was it? Well, it wasn't Radiohead at least! The hare assured everyone that the trail was only about 4 miles and relatively flat, some were not convinced, PP and FF having completed the Salcombe Coastal Marathon the day before had their fingers crossed that this was true. Off they set with Cousteau finding the first back check.......then the second. The hashers were beginning to wonder if they'd ever find a check without a cross in it. They did, however, so off they set through a wooded copse, accross the model airfield and on on into uphams plantation where Cousteau and Dobbie were caught out by a fish hook. Thereon followed a crafty long,

Paperwork is 50!!!

Paperwork turns 50 this year so come along and celebrate with him. •When is it? Saturday 21st May 2011 – 3pm. •What is it? A Hash run, then BBQ and party afterwards. •Where is it? 5 Rackfield, Westford, Wellington, TA21 0EA •What shall I bring? There will be a beer barrel, so bring alternative booze if you don’t like real ale. There will be salads and sausages and burgers etc, but please feel free to bring other stuff if you want to cook something else. Please let us know if you are coming, so we can guess how many sausages etc we need! 01823 660617

17th April - Tom Rookes Bottom, Ashclyst - FF+PP

How nice to meet at a new venue on such a sunny day surrounded by trees and the sound of birds singing. Twin Peaks humming added that extra something to the scene. Talking of birds, no Stat-Nav again whats going on ! The pack was smaller today due to other things going on so our hares informed us, borne out by no Bitzs Clan at which point Groucho pointed out there would be no refreshments at the end of the hash. Our hares had thought ahead got some provisions in, well done hares. We formed a circle to receive our info about trail when the pack noticed two hashers had vanished, vanished into the forest. Twin Peaks emerged first followed by Dr Jeckyll heaven knows what they had been up to. We eventually set off explaining the rules of hashing to Tail Lamp who had been away for ages, nice to see him back. After a few minutes we, the pack, became lost even PP one of the hare was cofused claiming that she didn't lay this bit, what an excuse. Later that same day we found the trail with T

10th April - Uphams Plantation - EJ

When being one of the first to arrive in the car park at todays venue at about 10.40hrs I was greeted by our hare EJ esq who informed me that he had just finished setting the trail having been out in the wilderness since 08.00 hrs. Where has he been thoughts entered my head, will we get back before dark was also another. Soon the pack started appearing some entering the car park via a deep pothole Sorepoint and Paperwork amongst those entertaining the rest of us as they inspected their car for damage. One blamed the driver the other blaming the navigator. As luck would have it there was no damage done to the car not so for the skills of these two hashers they were of course fined on the basis of showing to much drama, or attention seeking. Spockybitz and clan found their way without any problems, he then got out of his car and promised us all ice creams that were within the depths of his cool box. Would they have melted by the time we got back I wondered on the basis of what the hare