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10th July - Venmore Farm - Woodpecker + Tampa

Sunday 10th July Venmore Farm, Woodbury – Woodpecker & Tampa As the time approached 11am it was noted that Woodpecker was there early….ah wait a minute…he was the hare! Actually, he was not the only hare! After announcing to the circle there was some confusion, that confusingly we never quite got to the bottom of, the by now confused hashers realised Tampa was assisting Woodpecker. Or was that….Woodpecker was assisting Tampa?!? ….we most certainly were! Anyway, as the hares had a combined age of over 130 years we were all quite sure we would be following a very ‘wisely’ laid trail. On On around the corner they pointed and off the group ran, through the first gate and up the hill to a check. Not for the last time the confused hashers were seen spreading out in all directions……which direction should we be going? 2 mins into the hash and Cousteau was observed facing a hedge in the bottom corner of the field. First fine of the day would be handed out for ‘spending a p

19th June - Feniton Village CP - Chip Shop + Up Yours

Blog for CofE H3 Sunday 19th June – Feniton Village Car Park – Hare Up Yours unassisted by Chip Shop (Slip Shod) Quite a few gathered on this pleasant morning for Up Yours trail. She didn’t realise she was hare days before but Slip Shod had to convince her. Anyway, happy new year Up Yours, first time I’ve seen you I think (more later). There were some announcements at the beginning. Autumn Gathering now gathering pace. Other things I can’t remember – that’s the problem with leaving the blog for many days after the event. This, by the way, is being penned on the Gin Palace. Myself and Twin Peaks took on the role of deputy and assistant Sheriff in the absence again of our real love sick Sheriff – the one and only Stat Nav. For those who have only been hashing for, oh, a couple of months, you may not have met him yet (he’s really building up the absentee fines by the way). A bit of a problem with the parking then as they had a christening at the church, although I didn’t see any d