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Grizzly Results

The Sun shone today in East Devon and this made the Grizzly even harder(never an easy race) .The air ambulance was called twice and many ordinary ambulances were seen transporting runners to hospital.Congratulations to all the hashers who took part.Early results for some of our hashers are listed below Cub Run Dr Jeckyl one hour 42 minutes in about 136th position(well done!) Sorepoint one hour 54 minutes Grizzly Paperwork three hours 31 minutes Wide Receiver three hours 47 minutes Spocky Bitz Four hours 7 minutes Twin Peaks Four hours 17 minutes Coffin Five hours 46 minutes(great effort) Arfanar Five hours 50 minutes Congratulations to everyone

11th March Exminster Rocky,Stix,Speedy and Bollards

I managed to get Speedy to write something and then Stix followed it up.   It was a sunny day There were no clouds. There were fish hooks, checks, on ons, back checks, sweety stops, re-groups and lots of different things also there are some refreshments sweets or if you preferred you could have some water. Written by Speedy. Speedy and Rocky were so excited about laying the trail, and then haring it! Speedy wanted to put marks down every three feet, and I'm not sure that Rocky really understood that he wasn't supposed to tell everyone which way to go at the checks. At the top of the hill I heard him shout "On to check! This way" as he headed over the stile! But it turned out to be a beautiful day to haul our battered bodies around the Parish of Exminster, and we spent a couple of seconds thinking of those less intelligent than ourselves... those who had decided to do the Grizzly! The pack was small, but perfectly formed, with Groucho, Tail Lamp, Woodpecker (who

26th February Aylesbeare Inn Dr Jeckyll

Well in medical terms the trail today could best be described by the patients,in this case the hashers, who responded well to the treatment handed out by our hare, Doctor Jekyll thought that we were all making satisfactory progress, although there is still room for improvement in our overall condition.We had several guests today including Radiohead, Stat-Nav and TomTom, two of whom are it is rumoured are suffering from a touch of being "loved up" our doctor could not suggest an instant remedy although Stat Nav did ask for some tablets. Anyway the signal from the hare was given and we were off, off where nobody seemed to know, not for the first five minutes any way, then our hare gave us all a hint, we like hints. As if by magic we were out of the village and running along the side of a stream, very nice it was too.Soon came the first of three long/short splits, the injured, old and lazy taking the short route, that will be Groucho then along with Blobhoblin ! Oddbitz set the